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david ettenberg

Reality of Teen Weight Loss Camps is Slightly Different than Huge Portrays

David Ettenberg is the founder and president of Camp Shane, the leading and longest running children’s weight loss camp in the United States and abroad. Camp Shane is celebrating its 42nd year at its original location in New York’s Catskill Mountains.┬áDavid is a Certified Camp Director, National Camp Association Member and New York State Camp Director’s Association Member.

At Camp Shane, the real longest running teen weight loss camp in the country, we are glad that ABC Family’s new hit show “Huge” is shedding new light on the problem of teenage obesity. It is getting more people involved in the conversation about being overweight and what it can do to a teen’s health and self-esteem, and we are glad of that.

After the first episode, though, we were a little concerned that — in order to add drama to the show– teenage viewers who would benefit from time spent at a weight loss camp might get scared off by some of the situations portrayed.

For example, at Camp Shane, unlike the fictional Camp Victory:
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