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Dance Your Ass Off Recap: Episode 9

alicia dance your ass offIt was semi-finals week on Dance Your Ass Off and the remaining four dance contestants received a va-va-va-voom makeover for a photo shoot with the magazine Life & Style.

As they were primped and prodded, each of the contestants saw firsthand how their sweaty moves have drastically altered not just their looks but their measurements as well as their confidence.

Their before and after images shocked even themselves. Shayla’s new-found pride in herself inspired her to vow that she would never again allow her weight to reach as high as it was when she first started the show. (more…)

Dance Your Ass Off Recap – Episode 8

In case you missed last night’s episode of Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off, here is your recap.ruben dance your ass off

While the families of Ruben, Alicia, Shayla and Pinky surprised them in a motivating family reunion, the dancers continued to lose weight as they strutted their leaner selves to ballroom dances to the tunes of 80’s retro hits like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and “Isn’t She Lovely.”

Alicia, the reigning biggest loser, lost almost 6 pounds this past week. Shayla lost 4.5 pounds. Pinky lost 3.7 pounds and Ruben shed a very respectable 5.4 pounds. (more…)

Dance Your Ass Off Recap – Week 2

dance your ass off discoIt’s week two at Dance Your Ass Off and the contestants are off and running, or rather dancing. This week was disco week, and we saw the contestants working hard in the gym this week to get them ready to hustle.

Last week the contestants lost a combined 85 pounds, and with this weeks’ combined loss, they’re up to a total loss of 121. Those are big numbers and they’re working to lose that weight in both the gym and on the dance floor. DYAO trainer Lee Wall tells us about the extra leg work he had them doing this week to prepare them for their ’70s dance moves.


Dance Your Ass Off Premiere Recap

dance your ass offOne of the sassiest hits of the summer television season has finally hit the airwaves. Dance Your Ass Off premiered Monday night on the Oxygen network and was met with instant fan attraction.

The premise is simple – take one part Dancing With the Stars, one part Biggest Loser, add a Tony-award winning host, and just a dash of a $100,000 prize and you’ve got the recipe for a hit weight loss reality show. Twelve contestants were selected to do what many have done on DWTS, dance the weight off. They’ll also pair their training with fitness and nutrition guidance from the likes of Biggest Loser’s Dr. Huizenga.

Host Marissa Jaret Winokur, from “Hairspray,” said “you don’t have to starve yourself and be miserable to lose weight.” This is a principle that has made Biggest Loser’s weight loss program so approachable to millions. If you make healthy changes while doing what you love, then you’ll no doubt see your goals met.

Check out this premiere recap, then read below to learn more about Dance Your Ass Off.


Dance Your Ass Off Premieres June 29 on Oxygen

dance your ass off dyaoWe’ve heard about the incredible weight loss celebrities enjoy after a stint on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Did any of them really ever have that much weight to lose? Well, now there’s a new dance-off show where people who do stand to lose some weight will have their chance. Monday, June 29, Dance Your Ass Off, or DYAO, will premiere on the Oxygen network, a high-energy show helping people achieve their dance floor dreams while fitting into a smaller dance uniform.

DYAO is hosted by Marissa Jaret Winokur, best known as Tracy Turnblad in Broadway’s hit musical Hairspray, who will serve as an energetic and positive leader for the 12 contestants ready to move it ’til they lose it.