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Biggest Loser Recap and Elimination Interview: Season 12 Week 2

If you had to miss Biggest Loser 12 last night, or just want to relive its best moments, then watch Courtney’s exclusive video recap. She weighs in with comparisons to her own experience on The Ranch, noting that she’d promised herself never to give in to the temptations. Something John R. wishes he’d done.


Biggest Loser Season 12 Premiere Recap and Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser returned to NBC last night for its 12th season! You wouldn’t have found us anywhere but on our Twitter @DietsInReview where we’ve live tweeted the show for four seasons. Last night we gave away a four-pack of Bob Harper’s DVDs, who knows what it will be next week!

If you missed the episode, or just want to relive the highlights, then you can’t miss the first video recap from Courtney Crozier, fan-fave from season 11. From the game-changing twist that happened before the contestants even set foot on the ranch to the first cat-fight of the season, Courtney’s got the good dirt.


Courtney’s Summer Challenge: Finish the Summer Strong

Well, you guys did it! You made it to week 12 of Courtney’s Challenge! You’re surely no worse for wear, more like better for it. Courtney says “it doesn’t matter how you started, it’s all about how you finish,” and with that, she’s issuing one heck of a final exam for week 12.

This week, you’re asked to choose three challenges and do them each day. You can click here to see the complete list of challenges, and then choose the three that you either enjoyed the most or could use another chance at accomplishing. Then, report back like you do every week. Tell us what you chose and why, how you managed them this time as opposed to the first time, or even what you got out of this summer challenge. Our final winner gets free Wholly Guacamole and a DIR hooded sweatshirt!

Plus, join us TONIGHT, Tuesday, September 6 for another live Yackit! video chat event! It’s your chance to meet Courtney face-to-face online and ask her the question you most want answered. Wholly Guacamole will be there giving away delicious prizes; we’ll have some T-shirts to giveaway too. It promises to be the most fun you’ve had on a Tuesday night in a while. Just click here to get all the details, and click here to join us tonight at 8pm EST / 7pm CST.

Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 11: Do Your Squats

It’s our second to last week in Courtney’s Summer Challenge and she is not taking it easy on us. In fact, she’s turning up the heat a bit. Fair enough, we’ve been at this for almost three months, surely we’re ready to take on a total body workout.

Your challenge this week is SQUATS! You can do them just about anywhere, they don’t cost anything, and they require very little of your time. All of that and you get some serious return on investment… working your thighs, glutes, and even abs (if you’re doing it right).

Join Courtney this week for the squat challenge.

One participant wins a DIR T-Shirt and some Wholly Guacamole.

Courtney’s Summer Challenge Week 10 – Eat Your Fruit

Courtney’s come up with a real fruity idea this week, one you’ll want to sink your teeth right into. Eat fruit with each meal!

This really isn’t that hard. The difficulty comes in resetting your habits. So when you hit the grocery store this week, spend a little more time in the produce section. Apples, bananas, and oranges can usually be bought in bulk bags at an affordable price. Also try to take advantage of some of the fresh in-season fruits for summer. Grapes, watermelon, berries are just a few.

And a little known fact… avocado is a fruit… so maybe add a dollop of Wholly Guacamole here and there!

One participant this week will be rewarded with some Wholly Guacamole, our sponsor, and a DIR T-Shirt.

Watch the video and post your comment to tell us how you’re enjoying your fruit.

You’re invited to attend a live Yackit! video chat event with Courtney!

Click here to watch the first Yackit! video, and get all the details for the next, scheduled for September 6!