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A Lunch Lady Fights the Good Fight

“We’re killing our kids with food.” Those are the powerful and shocking words from a former celebrity chef who is on a crusade to save our children. Read this inspiring story of one lady’s passion to change how kids eat in their schools. When you stop to think about the powerful corporations who have a vested interest in essentially poisoning our children’s health, it really is infuriating. Parents, it’s time to fight back.

Is It A Big Fat Lie?

According to a new survey, people are exercising more, but still not enough. The devil is in the details, though. The survey is based on what people say they are doing. So, then you have to deal with the psychology of people being surveyed. Do they tell the truth? Or do they prefer to stretch it a little.

“People with more education were more likely to say they got regular exercise,” says the article on CNN.com.

So, do well-educated people exercise more, or did all that higher education teach them to be a little “creative” with the truth? I hate to be cynical, but if people are exercising more than before, why are we still so out of shape as a nation?