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cinco de mayo

Put Some Spice in Your Cinco de Mayo with Capsaicin

The famous Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo – recognized in both the U.S. and Mexico – is just around the corner, and we’re looking to spice things up with a dose of capsaicin – the compound that gives hot peppers their kick. We also included a round-up of some seriously spicy recipes to cover all of your Cinco de Mayo celebration needs: Appetizers, entres and dessert, we’ve got you covered.

Starting with what exactly capsaicin is (pronounced CAP-SAY-UH-SIN), it’s a chemical compound found in spicy peppers like jalapeño, cayenne, habanero and tabasco. It’s what gives the peppers their spicy kick that’s commonly found in traditional Mexican meals.

Capsaicin is primarily found in the seeds of peppers, which is why they’re often removed before being added to a dish. Without the seeds, jalapeños actually have a fairly mild taste and low level of spice. But in addition to its heat properties, capsaicin also offers an abundance of health benefits.

Health Benefits: Just a few of capsaicin’s healing benefits include headache relief, sinus soothing, arthritis relief, and inflammatory reduction. If you can believe it, studies have shown capsaicin to be extremely effective in relieving and preventing headaches, sinus headaches and even migraines. It’s also been shown to provide arthritis relief when applied as a topical cream. And when it comes to a plugged up nose, capsaicin possesses powerful antibacterial properties that are very effective in fighting and preventing chronic sinus infections, as well as clearing out congested nasal passages.
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Lighter Tequila Cocktails for Your Cinco De Mayo Celebration

It’s no secret that cocktails can pack a ridiculously high amount of calories, especially on a day like Cinco de Mayo when you might be celebrating, and drinking more than one of your favorite margarita.

If you want to enjoy a cocktail or two or three (responsibly, of course – don’t forget a designated driver!) skip the sour mix, pass on bottled mixes that have sugar and potentially dangerous artificial dyes and put your bottle of tequila to good use with some of these lighter recipes. Use higher quality spirits, such as Partida Tequila or Camarena Tequila, so you won’t want to mask it’s flavor with sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.

With no garnish, salt or secondary liquor required, the alcohol and sugar content are lower than traditional margaritas by as much as 200 calories. Agave nectar, a natural fructose sweetener extracted from the blue agave plant, has a lower glycemic index rating than sugar, honey or maple syrup and readily dissolves in cold beverages so it blends effortlessly in cocktails.

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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with Healthier Mexican Fare

Cinco de Mayo, which many Americans know as an excuse to drink Coronas and eat guacamole, is a day that has a great deal of significance in Mexican history. The holiday commemorates the Mexican army’s unexpected victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

In Mexico, the day calls for great celebration, and Americans have adopted Cinco de Mayo as a celebration of Mexican culture that often centers itself around food and beverage. We all know that it can be difficult to stick to a diet or healthy lifestyle on holidays that revolve around salty snacks, cheese-drenched main dishes and caloric alcoholic beverages, so we put together a round-up of our favorite Mexican-style recipes for your own celebrations that won’t break your calorie bank.

This year, you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo without forsaking any of your cravings – or expanding your waistline.

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Enjoy a Healthy Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo – the 5th of May; a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. More importantly, it is a day to celebrate Mexican food! Mexican food is my very favorite, and it’s my weakness. But tortilla chips, cheese and margaritas can really wreak havoc on your diet, leaving you with tight jeans and a caloric hangover worse than any fruity mixed drinks.

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these Healthy Tips

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for the 5th of May) is right around the corner and I know many people are planning to partake in this Mexican holiday.  Depending on how you celebrate this holiday I know a lot of fun, music, food, and alcohol are involved. This year I want to give you some simple tips to keep in mind to have a healthier Cinco de Mayo celebration.chips-and-salsa

  • Remember Mexican food with vegetables, seafood, and fruit is healthy, light, and lower in calories.
  • Make the food at home.  This way you can use lower fat products (2% milk cheeses) to help control calories and fat.