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Breaking News: DIR Staff Takes a Day Off for Christmas

Thanks for stopping by today, but we’re not here. Once a year our very talented, very hard working team takes a single day off to celebrate Christmas with their families. That day is upon us!

We often joke with concerned family and friends that the Internet doesn’t ever shut down, and neither do we.

We hope you, as well, find some time to stop and enjoy your family and friends during this harried and joyful time of year.

Indulge a little. Enjoy a lot.

Merry Christmas from all of us at DietsInReview!

UPS Uses Yoga to Prevent Driver Injuries

I think we can all agree that no one works harder than our loyal UPS, FedEx and other delivery drivers this time of year. Their tirelessness really shows, even beyond the time the last heavy box is brought to your door on Christmas Eve. If you could imagine what it must feel like to carry around heavy boxes in between intervals of stiffening behind the wheel, you might want to read how you can show your appreciation by offering something that will really help these men and women feel terrific.

When UPS’s health and safety manager Mike Yates told CNN, “You have to keep yourself in top physical condition to perform the job safely day in and day out,” he had decided that a yoga for therapy program for the drivers was a necessary element in preventing injury. Proven to be successful, yoga for UPS drivers in Napa Valley, California has had numerous and therapeutic effects. According to one driver, fewer injuries were just one of the benefits. Drivers have reported having more energy, in addition to feeling more balanced and experiencing a greater sense of well-being after practicing yoga.

The following simple yet effective yoga routine is designed specifically for the hard working delivery drivers of our nation. Pass it on as a helpful suggestion to your devoted delivery driver this Christmas.


Empty Calories Comic: Confronting Santa’s Diet

See more Empty Calories right here in the blog each week, or receive one each month when you subscribe to our free newsletter. (more…)

Empty Calories Comic: Christmas Cravings

See more Empty Calories right here in the blog each week, or receive one each month when you subscribe to our free newsletter. (more…)

15 Holiday Apps to Help You Get Through the Season Stress Free

It’s holiday time, and you all know what that means: a long list of stuff to do and all of the relevant stress. Instead of getting overwhelmed, let your smart phone do the work for you and enjoy a very h”app”y holiday season!

Here are 15 of my favorite holiday smartphone apps in the categories of gifting, travel, entertaining, and even exercise to help you get through the season with ease.

Santa Tracker ($.99) – My kids have always been enormous fans of the NORAD Santa tracker – but using the computer site tends to tie you to the house. Use this app to track Santa, send a letter, or even visit his blog.

Christmas Gifts List (free) – We’ve all done it. You bought a gift for someone and then realized that you spent more on her sister. This app will help you avoid that sticky situation. You can track gift giving by amount, note individual preferences and add wish list items.

Mint.com (free)- The pinnacle of budgeting, now conveniently located on your phone. Manage your money, budgets, expenses and bills  in the palm of your hand. Add categories, and never lose money again.