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Celebrities We’d Like to See Lose Weight in 2012

By Arleigh Aldrich

As much debate as there is out there about the weight of celebrities, there’s no denying some of our most beloved of actors, comedians, and singers need to hone in their eating habits. Here are a few celebrities we love that we want to see eat healthier and lose some extra pounds in 2012.

Christina Aguilera

Undoubtedly one of today’s most powerful voices, Christina Aguilera has been in the public eye since her teenage years, and as is the case with any star, so has her weight. The pop star has had many weight fluctuations throughout her career, although they haven’t been as extreme as others. We want to see this beauty in her best shape in 2012.

Melissa McCarthy

Most recently seen in Bridesmaids but most well known as Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy is one of the most lovable (and most hilarious) actresses out there. In an interview with Anderson Cooper on his daytime talk show McCarthy said “It’s a work in progress,” also mentioning how hard it is to balance two kids at 41 and manage her weight. Her priorities are elsewhere for now, but hopefully the actress can make time for her body in the new year.


Kelly Osbourne Gets Revenge for Christina Aguilera’s Fat Jokes

Christina Aguilera has been getting slammed lately regarding her recent weight gain. Along with the media spotlighting her extra pounds, Kelly Osbourne is jumping in with her own feedback.

It’s no secret that these two have gone back and forth about weight and now Kelly Osbourne is getting her revenge. “She called me fat for years,” Osbourne recently stated on E! Fashion Police. This recent tirade is the second time in two months that Kelly has lashed out at Christina regarding her figure. “She called me fat for so many years. So you know what? You’re fat too,” Kelly said in September.

All of this negative weight publicity stems from Christina’s recent appearance at a Michael Jackson tribute concert where she wore a tight and unflattering outfit that showed off her larger physique.

Osbourne lost 48 pounds while she was competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and has managed to keep most of the weight off. She did regain one dress size back in March and made a commitment to hit the gym to lose that weight.


Christina Aguilera Slammed for Weight Gain at Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

It seems that every other week there is news of a celebrity gaining or losing weight. Pictures surface and people marvel at how much weight some celebrity has lost or gained in a short amount of time. Oddly enough, the media is never satisfied, and despite which direction the scale tilts, the feedback is usually negative.

Unfortunately, Christina Aguilera is making headlines for gaining a significant amount of weight. The pounds were noticed when Christina recently performed at a Michael Jackson tribute concert and appeared in a tight corset and fishnet stockings. Her choice of outfit brought a lot of attention to her figure, which was curvier than it has been in the past. As you can imagine, the blogs exploded. Although Christina received high praise for her vocals in the performance, her physical appearance got much more buzz.

Something that is often not considered when it comes to celebrities and weight fluctuations is that they, too, deal with issues in their personal lives. Just like the rest of us, Christina has to deal with struggles of everyday life, although hers are much more public. Aguilera is recently divorced and has been battling alcohol problems, so the fact that she may be turning to food to cope shouldn’t come as a big shock.