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7 Celebrities Celebrating Weight Loss Success This Spring

Most Americans make the same promise to themselves at the new year, and it doesn’t matter if you live on Main St. or Hollywood Blvd. We all want to lose weight, look fitter, and feel stronger, and the celebrity set isn’t any different from us, except that they do it under the watchful guise of millions. That’s why we want to celebrate the weight loss efforts of a few of these stars.

As we close out the first quarter of the year, several have posted positive returns on those weight loss resolution investments!

CeeLo Green is down more than 12 pounds toward a 50 pound goal since launching the new year as a spokesman for eDiets. When we spoke to the company’s marketing team earlier this year they said CeeLo’s goal was to improve his health and not fixate on a number. The meal-delivery service seems to be a perfect addition to this busy singer’s life. (more…)

Kelly Osbourne Reveals The Secret Behind Her 60-Pound Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne, daughter or rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, has a few secrets to reveal yet about her 60-plus pound weight loss. The lavender-haired star is gracing the cover of UK’s Cosmopolitan Body due out December 27, looking slim and toned in a revealing bikini. In an interview with the publication Osbourne, 28, revealed the one simple trick behind her trim physique and healthier outlook on life: Self love.

“People think I lost weight and that’s what made me happier. That’s not true: I had to learn to love myself first,” she said. “Losing weight was just one benefit of putting the hard work in and sorting myself out on the inside first through therapy.”

Osbourne’s outward transformation began in 2009 during her stint on Dancing with the Stars when she experienced a 50 pound weight loss. In an interview with Shape Magazine the star said was able to drop down to a size 2 thanks to a high-protein, low-carb diet in addition to a vigorous dance schedule and weight training. “I can’t believe I just did that and my body looks this good,” she told Shape.

To lose the weight Osbourne admits there was no one simple trick and it was all about getting to the gym and eating right. As reported by People Magazine, the fashionista is watchful of her diet and enjoys indulgences like pizza and chocolate cake in moderation. She also commits to doing something active every day. (more…)

Christina Aguilera Embraces Life as a “Fat Girl”

The woman made famous for her amazing voice has been getting much more attention lately for her voluptuous figure. Thirty-one-year old performer and mother Christina Aguilera is much curvier than she was when she first burst onto the scene as a teenage singing sensation in 1998.

Earlier this year, Christina was slammed for her weight after making concert appearances in scantily clad ensembles revealing a much curvier figure. Specifically, she drew much attention for her appearance at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert after uncomfortably donning a tight corset and fishnet stockings during her performance.

The star admitted to drinking more after going through her divorce from former husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, and being lax on her diet.

Her poor diet choices and junk food binge eating slip-ups added up to lots of extra calories and plenty of weight gain. As a result, Aguilera’s weight has fluctuated drastically over the last several years.

Proof of this came just months after her Michael Jackson Tribute appearance when she was photographed looking much slimmer and seemingly “back on track” in terms of her health and her size. (more…)

Christina Aguilera Has Slimmed Back Down

Christina Aguilera has been one of the celebrities who seems to be stuck in the ups and downs of weight cycling. Within the past year, she has gotten flack about her weight gain.

She really got attention at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert for her larger size after she wore a tight corset and fishnet stockings. Her poor choice brought on some tough criticism and a new nickname, “snookitina.” As you an imagine, this news exploded all over the internet.

It has been reported from other websites including The Huffington Post, the star has seemed to be going through a rough patch. There was of course the awful wardrobe choice at the Michael Jackson’s tribute concert, the odd looking headband she repeatedly wore during the tapings of The Voice, and her unfortunate tanner malfunction.

Aguilera has had to deal with tough comments from Howard Stern saying she was “plus-size” and Kelly Osbourne who said that she never got as fat as her. Even after all the harsh and cruel comments, she has defended herself saying she was “very confident” about her body–a very good message (more…)

Stars Who Love Their Bodies

Superstar singers face loads of pressure when it comes to their image, weight and overall appearance. How much confidence does it take to say publicly that you are “OK” with your size, no matter what it may be? These superstars defend the body they have now and their right to be happy with their image.

Christina Aguilera

Superstar Christina Aguilera admits that she is happy in her own skin and goes on to say that as long as her boyfriend is happy with her body and she is happy with her body, that’s all that matters. The rest is just noise that she blocks out.

UK Singer Adel

One of the most popular artists right now, Adel, says that she doesn’t really care what other people think about her weight or the way she looks. She’s happy the way she is. She also said that she’s seen other people obsess over wanting to be thinner and how it wears them down. She doesn’t want that in her life.