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Chipotle Sets High Standards in Offering Antibiotic-Free Meat

You’d like a BBQ pork sandwich with cole slaw and a large iced tea. Would you like any antibiotics with your meat? We didn’t think so. And as it turns out, you’re not alone. 

In recent years, many U.S. consumers have joined the all-natural school of thought and are demanding higher standards for their quality of meat. This is in part because some food companies – like Chipotle – are willing to provide it.

If you walk into Chipotle Mexican Grill today, you’ll see a sign that touts their antibiotic, farm-raised beef, chicken and pork. And if you’re like most health-conscious Americans, that makes you feel good. But it wasn’t always this way.

In fact, Chipotle founder Steve Ells – who reports the company is now growing so quickly it opens an average of three new locations a week – didn’t used to sell this high quality of meat. It wasn’t until he picked up an article called “The Lost Taste of Pork” where he learned about the practices of Iowa family gamer Paul Willis, who raises pigs on a pasture the old-fashioned way, that he changed his mind. (more…)

Ask Fast Food Employees for the Inside Scoop on Menu Ingredients and Preparation

When you are in a rush and hungry, we’re all guilty of turning to fast food. It is quick and convenient. However, it’s anything but healthy.

People hear the horror stories about fast food chain employees who tamper with food. Just last week, one diner found a finger at Arby’s. Yet, we rarely get to hear about what is actually in our food. Most employees are preparing food in a harmless fashion for consumers. They get to see all the content that goes into a one-dollar hamburger. This isn’t another article about the terrible things employees do to food, instead it is about how people are blinded by marketing tactics and advertisements.

A recent thread on Reddit asked restaurant employees to share what they know about the preparation, ingredients, and processing of the foods they served. (more…)

Chipotle Contest Raising Awareness and Funds for Family Farms

Are you ready for the annual Boorito celebration at Chipotle Mexican Grill? This Halloween from 6pm to close come in to your local Chipotle wearing a costume inspired by the family farm and score a $2 burrito, salad, bowl, or order of tacos. All proceeds up to $1 million will benefit Chipotle Cultivate foundation and Farm Aid.

You will also have an opportunity to enter their costume contest in which they are giving away over $7500! There will be one grand prize winner for $2500, five runner up prizes of $1000, and 20 runner-up prizes of a burrito party for 10. To enter the contest, simply take a photo of your family farm-inspired costume inside or in front of a Chipotle restaurant (I suggest you make sure a sign or two are showing) and submit it by uploading or texting it to Chipotle (full contest rules). Contest winners will be displayed in the winner gallery on November 15th.