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The Workout Kid is a Great Role Model for Today’s Youth

He’s called “The Workout Kid” and he may be just what our kids need!

Five years ago, little C.J. Senter made sure to do some push-ups and sit-ups because his football coach asked the team of five-year olds to get some exercise over the weekend. Those simple exercises opened up a door that would change the now 10-year old’s life.

Senter has produced several fitness videos and recently became a workout YouTube sensation. His videos launched his popularity as they show a very muscular and energetic child leading people through a fitness routine.

At first, the masses were appropriately concerned at the sight of this extremely chiseled child. However, once Senter’s story was investigated, he was found to be a great example for our kids.


Weetabix Cereal Paying Children to be Mobile Advertisements

“So, wait?! You’re going to pay my child $400 to wear a shirt with your company’s logo on it?”

This may very well be the line that has recently dropped out of many parents’ mouths as Weetabix, a popular cereal brand in the U.K., has been experimenting with a whole new type of advertising.

Weetabix is a whole grain cereal similar to America’s shredded wheat-style cereals. The company has begun hiring children with very busy social lives to wear the company logo while they attend their extra-curricular events. In return, the children are earning about $400. The company is intending to send the message that children who eat Weetabix can pack more into their day than their friends who opted for a different breakfast.

This move hasn’t come without controversy. Many opponents of this campaign are claiming that children are being sold as mobile billboards. As these socially active kids attend their clubs and run the sports fields, they are reaching a whole new market of potential consumers.


Back to School Yoga

It is that time of year when backpacks, notebooks and pencil bags line the shelves. New clothes hang with anticipation in the closet and old shoes are handed down to make room for the growing feet of adolescents.

Going back to school after a summer of fun in the sun can be an anxious time for school kids. The unfamiliarity of a new classroom, new friends and harder classes can zap enthusiasm in a heartbeat.

Maintaining a zest for learning can be challenging for kids and adults alike. Thankfully there are things we can do to keep our interest up. The number one most important thing we can do at back to school time is reduce stress, and yoga can help.

The following is a list of suggestions for simple yet effective yoga poses that can be done in the morning before heading off to the school bus. Saving just five or ten minutes during the bustling hours before the bell rings can mean better grades, healthier friendships and happier parents!


Junk Food Ads During Kids’ Programming in the Crosshairs

“It’s time for the food industry to clean up its act and not advertise junk food to young children. Just by banning ads for fast food…we could decrease obesity and overweight by 17 percent.” This is the statement that Dr. Victor Strasburger made this week on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics as reported in the Huffington Post.

Strasburger and the other 65,000 physicians that make up the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are calling for a ban against fast food and junk food companies’ ads that air during children’s programming.

Whether the ads are to blame or not, the fact that the childhood obesity rates are going up is indisputable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have concluded that more than one in six children and teenagers are obese. This is a 300% increase from one generation ago.

The doctors are obviously responding to a very serious problem, but could the ads really be that influential on kids’ habits?

The AAP reported that the nation spends more than $110 billion on fast food every year. That’s “more than is spent on higher education, computers, or cars,” Dr. Strasburger pointed out.  Obviously our spending patterns are reflecting the effectiveness of marketing, but is it the ads that are making our kids fat? No, it’s not fair to say that they ads alone are the culprit.


5 Easy and Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active Over Summer Vacation

With summer vacation quickly approaching, many parents are trying to think of ways to keep their kids occupied throughout the day without breaking the bank. Keeping kids active is important to help them avoid boredom and keep them from becoming couch potatoes over the next couple of months. With a little planning, you can ensure your kids have their best summer ever, and they will stay active in the process. Below are some fun ways to keep kids active and occupied while they are on summer vacation:

Limit electronic consumption. Setting some boundaries about how long kids can watch TV will keep them from turning into couch potatoes. The same goes for playing video games and being on the computer. This will also allow them to branch into other activities that will get them moving. Encourage playing outside and go outside with them. This will teach kids to be creative with the games they come up with while getting them to exercise.