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Chelsea Clinton and Rick Warren Discuss The Daniel Plan on Rock Center

Tonight on Rock Center with Brian Williams, Chelsea Clinton interviews Pastor Rick Warren on a matter quite different than his usual subject. No, he’s not talking about his bestselling devotional The Purpose Driven Life or how he leads a congregation of more than 20,000, instead he describes his newest project. It’s a diet called The Daniel Plan.

Warren has led Saddleback Church, a megachurch in California, for more than 30 years, and as his congregation has flourished so did his weight.

“I was blessed with an abundance of energy, and since I didn’t care about how I looked and I really had relatively few health problems, I paid no attention to my health,” Warren explains to Clinton.

He describes a moment two years ago when he realized things needed to change. The pastor was baptizing hundreds of converts, and began to see a trend: most of them were overweight.

“As I’m putting people under the water, I’m lifting 867 people, along about number 500, I had a thought. It wasn’t a very spiritual thought. It was, ‘Good night, we’re all overweight.’ And I thought, but I’m overweight. And I can’t expect people to get in shape unless I’m in shape,” Warren relates. (more…)

Jillian Michaels Teams with President Clinton in Health Conference

On January 17, America’s favorite tough-love trainer Jillian Michaels is joining President Clinton for his foundation’s health conference entitled Health Matters: Activating Wellness in Every Generation, held in Indian Wells, California. It is the Clinton Foundation’s first conference devoted exclusively to health and well-being issues.

The conference will also be the first major event during the week of the Humana Challenge PGA Tour golf tournament. The conference will include other high-profile health advocates, including celebrity chef Lorena Garcia, health and wellness advocate Notah Begay III, and Susan Dell of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

President Clinton has joined his daughter Chelsea (who will also be in attendance) in adopting a vegan lifestyle, a stark contrast to the fast food and junk food he was known to favor during his years as president and earlier in life. After quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and stent surgery in 2010, it’s not difficult to understand his new-found resolve. (more…)

Chelsea Clinton’s Vegan Wedding

The biggest news all over the world this weekend is the wedding of President Clinton and Senator Clinton’s daughter Chelsea. While Rhineback, New York is abuzz with tight security and throngs of media-hungry paparazzi, vegans and locavores are celebrating as well.

Ms. Clinton has been a vegetarian for the past ten years and for her $2 million wedding this weekend, she is applying her plant-based eating preferences to the entire weekend-long lavish affair.

Clinton will be serving an all-vegan and gluten-free wedding cake to her 300 guests. According to Life and Style magazine, Chelsea does not tolerate gluten very well, the protein found in grains like wheat, rye, barley and oats that can cause an allergic reaction in those who can’t metabolize it.  

In addition, she and her husband-to-be, Marc Mezvinsky, are sourcing all of the wedding’s fare from local Hudson Valley farmers. But it’s not going to be an entirely all vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free event. The beef that will be served for the dinner will be grass-fed and organic.