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Carnie Wilson Partners with The Fresh Diet and Dr. Oz

UPDATE 12/02/10: Carnie Wilson was fired as spokesperson for The Fresh Diet due to weight gain and promoting her own cheesecake business.

Carnie Wilson, daughter of beloved Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson, is a mom of two daughters. In the spotlight from a young age, her weight has been a much commented upon subject. The star of the GSN show Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, Wilson had gastric bypass in the 1990s when she was over 300 pounds. Her weight fluctuated since, hindered by a 70-pound weight gain in her first pregnancy and 60 pounds in her second. Describing herself as a life-long sugar addict, she says that she never learned to eat correctly and used her pregnancies as a convenient excuse to eat the foods she wanted.

Now she’s partnering with Dr. Oz and Fresh Diet, a food delivery company, to lose the extra weight in a healthy manner. Wilson says that she’s struggled her entire life with good diet choices. (more…)

Tune In: Carnie Wilson on The Dr. Oz Show

Tune in this Wednesday, March 3 to The Dr. Oz Show when Carnie Wilson pops by for an update on her weight loss.

Recently, TV host, star of Unstapled, author and pop icon Carnie Wilson appeared on the show desperately in need of expert assistance as she not only admitted her addiction to food, but realized that her health was once again at risk as a result of her weight.

Tune In: Carnie Wilson on the The Dr. Oz Show

dr. oz show logoTune in this Thursday, February 4th to The Dr. Oz Show when Carnie Wilson requests Dr. Oz’s help in her lifetime battle with her very public weight struggles.

From having her bariatric surgery broadcasted online to her new raw and honest reality series, Unstapled, singer and entertainer Wilson is coming to terms that she once again needs to step up her commitment to losing weight.


Carnie Wilson’s Unstapled Premieres January 14

carnie wilsonA few months back, we mentioned that game show host, singer and entertainer Carnie Wilson is set to appear in her own reality series on the Game Show Network (GSN), entitled “Unstapled.”

The show, which premieres Thursday, January 14, pokes fun at Wilson’s battle with her weight. In 1999, she very publicly underwent weight loss surgery (read online) and with her new show, she plans on chronicling her intentions of losing the 50 pounds of baby weight she put on during her second pregnancy.

You might be wondering what is the connection between game shows and weight loss? 


Carnie Wilson’s New Show Unstapled

carnie wilsonSinger-songwriter Carnie Wilson has just landed her own weight loss reality show that will air this January on the Game Show Network (GSN).

“Carnie Wilson: Unstapled” will follow the former member of the trio pop group Wilson Phillips as she tries to lose the 50 pounds she gained during her two pregnancies.

Wilson is no stranger to weight struggles. In 1999, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and had the procedure taped and shown online. She has also posed for Playboy magazine and wrote two heart-felt autobiographies. It is this candor and honesty that viewers will witness on Wilson’s show Unstapled, an obvious play on her weight loss surgery as she opens up her life and her family’s to the cameras.