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Carla Birnberg

MizFitOnline Gets New Look, Keeps Mindful Living Focus

We love the insights shared by Carla Birnberg, our longtime friend behind the blog But if you’ve visited her site in the last week you’ve probably noticed that something seems… different. Her awesome writing about fitness, life, transformation, and inspiration is still there, but the site has a new design, a new logo, and for lack of a better word, a “softer” feel. The tagline of the site has changed to “Unapologetically Myself ” from “Fitness isn’t just about fitting in”, and a glance at the homepage reveals that Carla’s name is front and center while her MizFit skull and crossbones is a little more background.

Miz fit

What gives?

According to Birnberg, her blogging persona had outgrown her original branding.

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Carla ‘MizFit’ Birnberg Debuts Weight Loss eBook, Saying Healthy Living is Simple

The popular fitness blogger with a large online following, MizFit, brings her expertise to the realm of ebooks with the release of her first digital copy, “MizFit: How to Build Weight and Lose Muscle Without Losing Your Mind,” available on Nook, Kindle, iPad, and as a PDF file.

MizFit, whose name is Carla Birnberg, candidly writes about how to start and maintain a fitness and eating routine that embraces the idea of living fulfilled and in the moment. Her story includes gaining 35 pounds in college, learning how to lose it permanently, becoming a bodybuilder, personal trainer, and then embracing a gluten-free lifestyle long before it became popular. Her ebook combines the knowledge she’s gleaned over the years into a comprehensive handbook for healthy living.

“I wrote, pulled together, added to and enhanced all of the information I wish I’d have had when I first started my healthy living journey. It’s the same information I still need today, close to two decades and a thirty five pound loss maintained later, to remain on my path,” said Birnberg.
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