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More Canadian Women Die of Heart Disease Than Men

canadian flagThe evidence has long supported the notion that men are at a greater risk for fatal heart disease than women. Not so, at least in Canada. While deaths and hospital visits related to heart disease have dropped 30 percent, more women are dying from the ailment than men.

The Canadian study came to its conclusion by analyzing the country’s national death registry. It started in 1994, and ended in 2004. While the overall number of deaths and hospitalization have decreased significantly, women have slightly edged out men at the end of the study at 50.7 percent of total heart-related deaths, whereas they accounted for 49.3 percent in 1994. Even with that number, the difference between men and women is much closer than one might think. (more…)

Extremely Obese Get Two Airline Seats for Price of One

This news is sure to raise the ire of a few Canadian citizens. Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that obese people have the right to two seats for the price of one on flights that stay within the borders of Canada.

With airlines already feeling the financial crunch from skyrocketing fuel costs, this may add to the burden.

No word on how the law will decide what constitutes obese enough to get the extra seat. The airlines appealed the measure, but the courts struck down their pleas.

Here’s what I found on the specifics to what is referred to as the One-Person-One-Fare Policy. You qualify, if you:

  • are accompanied by an attendant for your personal care or safety in flight; or
  • require additional seating for yourself, including those determined to be functionally disabled by obesity.

So, we ask you the reader… is this legislation a fair measure? Or are people getting undue favored treatment. We open the floor to you.