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Broccoli Sales Prove TV Commercials Still Work

BroccoliThink TV commercials are irrelevant in an age of internet, DVR and Netflix instant? Think again. The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) set out to demonstrate that TV ads can still sell. They chose broccoli as the subject of their ad campaign, but the real product they’re promoting is TV commercials themselves.

The quirky commercials promote the health benefits of broccoli, dubbing it “the miracle food.” According to the TVB, the campaign attracted 17,000 fans on Facebook and inspired 15 YouTube spoofs. But the real proof of the campaign’s success is in the eight percent increase in broccoli sales, compared with the previous year. Thirteen percent of Canadian shoppers said that they purchased at least one additional bunch of broccoli during the campaign period. Not only did the campaign prove a point about TV, it also did a social good by promoting a healthy food.

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Bob Harper’s Vegan Recipes from Biggest Loser

In an unprecedented move on Biggest Loser, Bob Harper invited contestants to his home for dinner. The few who had fallen below the yellow line in season 10′s fourth week needed some cheering up, and Bob offered that in the form of a beautiful patio dinner at his LA home. The contestants, who typically prepare their own meals on campus, were no doubt excited by the prospect of a night off from the kitchen.

Upon arriving at his cool bachelor pad in the hills, Bob gave contestants a tour of his refrigerator. The contents included a whole watermelon, carrot sticks, a door full of condiments, his no-doubt sponsored Brita pitcher, and what appeared to be Pacifico beers. He said his rule is never keep anything that has a shelf life shorter than two weeks. In other words, fresh food goes bad and you should only be eating fresh foods.

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Fall Produce is Amazing, Abundant and Delicious

Happy first day of fall!

There are some great things about summer, especially with regards to fruits and vegetables, but the end of warm weather doesn’t need to mean the start of a boring, bland diet with no variety. Never fear! Some of the most flavorful and nutritious fruits and veggies are getting ready to come into season, and we all know that in season foods are higher in vitamins and minerals.

Take your meal planning to the next level with some of these delicious choices, full of fall color and flavor and guaranteed to satisfy.

  • Apples – portable, packable and full of endless possibilities, apples are full of fiber and low in calories.There are literally hundreds of varieties available -  I wait all year to be able to enjoy Honeycrisp apples. Top whole grain waffles with sliced apples, or send them in a lunch box with peanut butter for dipping. Or for a twist, add them to a Caramel Apple Milkshake!

Broccoli is a Super Food for Diabetics

A very interesting article was written on the Mayo Clinic website about broccoli’s ability to reverse diabetes damage. The Mayo Clinic is a very credible and highly renowned hospital that has a great reputation as a pioneer and innovator in medicine – patient care, medical research and academic education. The article discussed a research study in which scientists examined the phytochemical sulforaphane, found in broccoli.

Research has shown that sulforaphane seems to help:

  • Produce enzymes in the body that protect blood vessels, which is achieved by reducing tissue damaging substances triggered by high blood sugar. Vascular disease is a major complication of diabetes. This type of disease can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and circulation issues in extremities, which could lead to possible amputation.

You are what you chew

We’ve all taken the food quizzes that determine what kind of personality we have based upon the kinds of snacks and foods we gravitate towards, but more and more studies show that what our bodies are designed to eat are the foods found in nature which are crunchy and chewy. I know – this doesn’t bode well for all of us ice cream lovers out there or mac and cheese fans where the creaminess and smoothness doesn’t make our teeth work too hard but it does make us appreciate how evolution has worked for both our ancestors and for us to keep us fit and healthy. Crunchy apples, crisp broccoli, hearty almonds are foods low in calories, high in fiber and low in unhealthy fats. It’s no wonder that diets are packed with fruits and vegetables which take longer to eat and make us feel full.