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Britney Spears Used Interval Training and Football to Prepare for Vegas Show

Britney's new Vegas BodyIn preparation for her upcoming 90-minute Las Vegas show at Planet Hollywood, Britney Spears has been getting down and dirty with an intense exercise regimen. Last week, everyone’s favorite ex-girl next door shared a picture of her rockin’ bod in just a bikini. The public has always been obsessed with Britney’s weight fluctuations and style choices, so it came as no shock when the photo set the blogosphere abuzz.

Britney’s workout regimen is called “Trickeration” and incorporates interval training into sports like tennis and football. Interval training involves quick bursts of hardcore exercise followed by a long rest, like sprinting for 30 seconds and then jogging for a minute. Her trainer, Tony Martinez, says Britney has absolutely thrived with the strenuous sessions, and that she is a natural athlete.

During the 40 minute workouts, she’s apparently been serving the tennis ball like Serena Williams and can throw the pigskin with a Manning-esque spiral. In an interview with E!Online, Martinez said, “She is mentally and physically 100 percent ready for Vegas.” Details of Britney’s Vegas stint—which begins in December—are scarce, but it sounds like it will be a fast-paced and extraordinary affair. Here’s how other Vegas performers get in shape for their shows.


Britney Spears Flaunts Her Fit Yoga Body on Shape’s Cover

Britney Spears is always in the spotlight. Sometimes for her music, sometimes for her personal drama, and lately for her new body, something the pop star has dramatically changed with yoga.

britney spears yoga

The 31-year-old mother of two is preparing for her new Las Vega show, set to open in the fall. She recently told Shape magazine that she needed to be in shape to pull off that performance. Spears began working with her trainer and started the Nutrisystem program. The results have been impressive as Spears sported a very revealing bikini on the cover of Shape this month. (more…)

X-Factor Judges “Give a Fat Boy a Chance,” Advancing 540-Pound Freddie Combs to Next Round

Auditioning for a show can be nerve-wracking for anyone, especially when the judges who determine your fate are Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, and LA Reid. You want everything to be perfect during the audition.

This week the ‘X Factor’ judges were put to the test when Freddie Combs sang on stage in his wheelchair. He wanted the judges to “Give a fat boy a chance.” Freddie Combs is a 540-pound, 41-year-old minister who is a Tennessee native. Before Freddie sang to the judges, he talked about his weight struggle. In 2009, Freddie weighed 920 pounds and was on his death bed. But, through a proper diet and exercise he has lost close to 400 pounds. After his near-death experience, Freddie continues his fight with obesity. He has a whole new outlook on life, which made him want to audition for the show.

Once Freddie started singing “Wind Beneath My Wings,” the audience and judges were stunned. They heard a beautiful voice coming out of a man that many people wouldn’t think is beautiful. Freddie’s sound was reminiscent of Clay Aiken’s gospel voice. After Freddie finished singing the judges made it clear that they were judging him on his voice, not outer appearance. (more…)

Divorce from Britney Made me Fat, says Kevin Federline

We’ve all heard that falling in love can cause our waist lines to expand as we allow ourselves to indulge in yummy and not so healthy treats from time to time. This typically happens because in this new found bliss we become comfortable with ourselves in the company of our companion and, many times for women, end up taking on the eating habits of our partner/spouse.

It isn’t just falling and being in love that can cause weight gain, but also the unraveling of the relationship should that happen. According to an interview with Kevin Federline on the Bonnie Hunt show, he speaks to the eating habits that evolved post divorce from his famous pop star wife Britney Spears. (more…)

K-Fed to Get K-Fit on Celebrity Fit Club

kfedKevin Federline, Britney Spears‘ ex-husband, is joining the seventh season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. Federline has packed on some pounds since his split from Spears. Joining him on the cast will be his former girlfriend and mother of two of his children, Shar Jackson. Other reported contestants are Baywatch star Nicole Eggert and Whitney Houston‘s ex, Bobby Brown.

Celebrity Fit Club features stars who have had their time in the limelight come and gone. They vie for cash and prizes as they sweat and diet to reclaim their former slimmer bodies. (more…)