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Biggest Loser’s Superbowl Recipes by Curtis Stone

curtis stoneAre you guys ready for some football? How about some recipes that will satisfy that innate need to munch during the Superbowl, keep even the manliest appetites satisfied, and that have less fat and calories than the typical game-day fare. You better be ready because we’ve got them! Curtis Stone appeared on Biggest Loser season 7 episode 4, and showed the contestants their stand-by appetizer favorites, and some healthy alternatives.

  • Instead of the Mexican-style layer dip with 1755 calories, try this 7 Layer Dip with shrimp and vegetables. (more…)

Chef Rocco Creates 7 Recipes for Biggest Loser

Chef Rocco is joining the Biggest Loser competition once again. Just as he did in Season 5, he is lending the Biggest Loser: Families troupe some guidance on eating healthy, without sacrificing flavor, variety or even your budget.

chef rocco biggest loser

He shared seven recipes, for less than $7/serving, for the seven teams during the Week 2 cooking challenge. Each team offered up their best cooks, and then Rocco asked the non-cooks to follow him to the grocery store and prepare his recipes.

Rocco advised that anyone leading a healthy lifestyle should shop the perimeter of their grocery store. It is there that all the fresh food resides. He explained that the deeper you go into the aisles, you’ll find “more processed, less healthy, more expensive” food items. Who needs that when these recipes taste amazing, will fill you up, and best of all- have low calories, zero fat and zero salt.

chef rocco biggest loser

Tom’s Curried Turkey and Cauliflower Soup

Heba’s Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

heba and chef rocco

Amy P.’s Quinoa Pasta with Pesto and Tomatoes

Jerry’s Pork and Vegetable Stir Fry

Amy C.’s Tiny Turkey Meatball with Chickpea Soup

Michelle’s Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa

Brady’s Mussles Stew

Enjoy this clip of Chef Rocco working with the contestants- you didn’t see this last night!

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Trainer Bob’s Dining Out Tips

Biggest Loser’s blue team trainer, Bob Harper, takes a moment in each episode to extend a quick tip to help you maintain your diet and weight loss plan. During episode 8 of Biggest Loser, Bob handed out three very easy tips for dining out. It’s not something we can all completely avoid, but when we do, recognize that healthier choices exist.

1. Say no to the bread basket. Ask your waiter not to bring it. It will fill you up quickly with carbs and unnecessary calories.

2. Ask that your food not be prepared in any oils or butter. It means being the boss with your waiter, but they should oblige.

3. Request your salad dressing be brought on the side. As with everything else, these portions are too large and you can better manage how much, or little, you’re eating.

For more tips on dining out, check out the new book, Eat This, Not That.

Test Your Food Knowledge

MSNBC.com has an interesting food quiz posted online. Steak vs. salmon, apples vs. bananas… Test your knowledge of how these foods and others stack up against each other. You’re issued a score similar to a conventional school grade.