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Biggest Losers Run Marathon – Week 18 Recap

The contestants are back on the ranch for one last week before the finale. The contestants view videos about themselves from their first days on the ranch, and are able to reflect back to see how far they have come. When the tears dried up, it was time to get back to reality and head home. Each contestant goes back to their own home state to a welcome party where they will reveal themselves and weigh-in in front of their family and friends. As they each do this, a surprise video from Alison comes on the screen, and she shares that each of the final four will be running the Biggest Loser Marathon in just one month.


SunShine Hampton’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

With a name like Sunshine, Biggest Loser contestant SunShine Hampton was destined to shine. And after her inspirational journey on the Biggest Loser season 9, Sunshine’s radiance became more brilliant with each pound she lost and each layer of herself that she peeled away.

Even though SunShine just missed the final four cut of the NBC reality series, she managed to win for herself a bigger prize than she had ever imagined.

“I won the biggest prize already. You can’t put a $100,000 price tag on my health and that is what I’ve gained from being on the Biggest Loser,” says SunShine just following her elimination from the Biggest Loser.

Listen here as SunShine discusses how she navigates through the daily challenges of keeping the weight off while at home, and how her Biggest Loser family still continues to fuel her with support and motivation despite her elimination.


Biggest Loser Recap – Final Four

With only five contestants left, tension on the Biggest Loser Ranch is already at an all-time high. Each contestant is fighting for a spot in the final four. As if the stress from the last week on campus isn’t enough, Alison tells the contestants that instead of the usual yellow line and deliberation, there will be a twist this week.

With no yellow line in existence, this week’s weigh-in will consist of only a singular red line. The player that loses the lowest percentage of weight will be eliminated immediately, leaving the rest of the players a definite spot in the final four.


Sam Poueu’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

No one ever likes to see a Biggest Loser contestant eliminated. So, when Sam Poueu was voted off during this past week’s episode, a few heavy sighs were heard from loyal fans. His kind-hearted, level-headed and motivating attitude over the past few weeks has won the hearts of not just one specific Biggest Loser contestant, but also millions of viewers across the country. Sam left knowing that despite his departure, he made Biggest Loser history by becoming the first person in the show’s history to reach his goal weight before the finale.

Sam started out at 372 pounds and weighed in last night at his goal weight of 246 pounds. Since leaving the series, he has lost an additional two pounds after relocating to Los Angeles with his live-in girlfriend and fellow Biggest Loser contestant, Stephanie Anderson. He still intends to shed a bit more weight before the finale and improve his fitness level, but overall, he is proudly satisfied with his current weight.

Listen here as Sam discusses how he and Stephanie motivate and inspire each other as well as what his daily diet and fitness routine look like in his newly adopted city.


Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 16 with Amanda Arlauskas

It’s finally Makeover Week on the Biggest Loser ranch! This is the week that every Biggest Loser contestant wants to make it to. Alison surprises the six remaining contestants with a $1,000 gift card to go shopping wherever they choose to pick out new clothes that can compliment their new bodies. Each contestant goes into a store and tries on clothes they never thought they could fit into, but are now for the first time realizing that all of the hard work was worth it.