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Interview with Biggest Loser’s Ron Morelli and Mike Morelli

mike-morelli-and-ron-morelli1It’s a precarious position this father-son team has found themselves in, in fact Mike Morelli called it a worst-case scenario. They are part of the four finalists on Biggest Loser 7, but both Mike and his father, Ron Morelli, fell below the yellow line in the last week on the ranch. Neither were eliminated, but only one will advance as the third finalist to compete against Tara and Helen for the $250,000 prize and title of Biggest Loser.

“I hope that America votes Mike up,” pleads his father. A similar situation occurred with husband and wife duo Heba and Ed in season six, and fans ignored their pleas to send Heba to the finale, instead voting for Ed. When asked if they fear the same situation, Ron responded “Mike’s won enough hearts that Heba didn’t.”

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Vote for the Biggest Loser Finalist – Ron or Mike?

biggest-loser-ron-and-mikeOnce again, Biggest Loser is leaving the fate of its contestants in your hands America. Tara and Helen secured their positions as finalists tonight, but the third finalist is yet to be named. It’s a “worst case scenario” for father-son team Ron and Mike, as they fell below the yellow line together. One will go on to compete for the coveted Biggest Loser title and the $250,000 prize, while the other vies for the $100,000 at-home prize.

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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-17

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Interview with Filipe Fa, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 17

filipe-fa-biggest-loser“I have no regrets, I know I gave it my all,” says Felipe Fa about his experience on Biggest Loser season eight. While he won’t be considered a finalist, he was on the ranch for the entire 17 weeks, an accomplishment worth being very proud of. After his elimination, the final four were also sent home to do it on their own for 30 days before moving on to the season finale. Filipe played every moment of the game with heart, and every time the audience needed it the most, gave us a good reason to laugh.

Filipe lost a total of 130 pounds on the ranch, going from 364 pounds down to 234. He said he left with a positive outlook and “really realized the whole purpose of this show — to inspire people.” He says that he was able to connect with Bob in that final week, and took to heart some advice from his beloved trainer. Bob Harper told him the show was “not about winning a game, but fixing what’s broken.”

Listen now to hear the DietsInReview.com interview with Filipe, before reading more. He shares the five moments that were most epic for him in this most epic of Biggest Loser seasons.


Interview with Kristin, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 16


Kristin Steede lost 116 pounds in 16 week on The Biggest Loser.

There is a lot to take away from Kristin Steede‘s experience on The Biggest Loser. Not only has her weight loss journey from 360 pounds to her elimination weight of 244 pounds been an inspiration, it’s a reminder that we should rely on ourselves to get there. Kristin reminds that she is one of about 122 people who’ve been selected as a Biggest Loser contestant, and it is a position she does not take lightly. Kristin says she got more out of this experience than she ever thought she would, but clarifies that “Biggest Loser will not define who I am.” It’s a cautious declaration that many fans should take to heart. It is the few, not the many, who earn a place at the coveted weight loss ranch, but the will, desire and ability to lose the weight and change your life for the better does not come from the show.

Kristin said “I will never forget what it feels like to live life at 360 pounds,” and she is taking her new body, new motivation and the memory of what life used to be like and inspiring a nation. Kristin has developed quite a following and she’s offering them her pearls of wisdom through speaking engagements.

We received some of those pearls from Kristin today in our interview. Listen now as Kristin discusses her ongoing relationship with Bob Harper, how she kept her head out of the game play and how she defines a healthy weight for herself.