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Mary Hartley to Present on Intuitive Eating at the Women’s Health and Fitness Expo

Next month, DietsInReview.com is going on a road trip to Upstate New York to help get the women and families of that community on the right track for health. We’ll be attending the one-day Women’s Health and Fitness Expo on May 19, 2012. More than 8,000 people will turn out to spend a day learning about nutrition, fitness, disease prevention, and to receive health screenings and even spa treatments.

Our resident dietitian, Mary Hartley, RD, will be presenting one of the keynotes, discussing the practice of intuitive eating. It’s something she employs in her own life, and after decades of working as a clinical dietitian, something she knows works for living a healthy, balanced life.

Throughout the day, Expo attendees can visit the DietsInReview.com booth to meet Mary and have a one-on-one nutrition Q&A with her, as well as determine your caloric needs for weight loss or maintenance. As well, our editor Brandi Koskie will be on hand to make sure you leave with some great DIR goodies!

We won’t be in the booth alone, though. Bernie Salazar, Biggest Loser season 5 at-home winner and our very first Biggest Loser correspondent, will be on hand to introduce everyone to his children’s fitness book, Monstercize. Health editor Liz Neporent will be available to sign books, and fitness expert Jessica Smith will be signing DVDs. (more…)

Inside the Vault with Cris Collinsworth to Include Health in Men’s Issues

The Internet is surprisingly silent on a brand new show hosted by Emmy Award-winning NFL broadcaster Cris Collinsworth, scheduled to start airing February 4, 2011. Inside the Vault will address “men’s issues” according to a post made by Collinsworth on footballpros.com. Inside the Vault will also include the talent of Alonzo Bodden, winner of Last Comic Standing’s third season, and Jill Wagner, co-host of Wipeout. Jill is also known as “The Mercury Girl” for her part in their commercials.
While “men’s issues” is slightly vague, I have it on good authority that at least some of the topics addressed will include men’s health. Bernie Salazar, The Biggest Loser’s season five at home winner, is one of the scheduled guests. With his soon to be published children’s book, Monstercize, Bernie is focusing on health and encouraging physical activity. On twitter @VaultInsider describes the show as “an engaging new series that explores what excites, inspires and drives today’s classic man.”

Biggest Loser Reunion with 30 Contestants in Thanksgiving Where Are They Now Special

Whatever happened to your favorite Biggest Loser contestants? Well, wonder no more as this Thanksgiving Biggest Loser will air a two-hour special taking in to the private lives of many of the show’s alumni. More than 30 contestants will appear on “Where Are They Now” to show you how their weight loss has changed their lives and how they look today.

Growing as popular for its love stories as it has for its weight loss success stories, you’ll get to watch the romantic proposal of season 9’s Sam and Stephanie, who recently visited the brand new Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu with Daris George. Not only that, but get access to the recent Lake Tahoe wedding of season 5 at-home winner Bernie Salazar to Jennifer, the cousin of his teammate Brittany Aberle.

You’ll see that these Losers really do walk the walk when it comes to fitness, as 50 of them meet to take on the San Francisco Triathlon, which took place this past summer. Representatives from every season since 2 participated, including Tara Costa, Ed Brantley and Brady and Vicky Vilcan. Plus, see pretty-in-pink Ali Vincent and Sherry Johnston appear at the Biggest Loser 5K event in Myrtle Beach, powered by the slogan “Don’t compete…just complete.” (more…)

Eat Like Bernie: Southwest Turkey Burger with Avocado

Bernie Salazar, at-home winner of The Biggest Loser (season 5) delivers this guest blog and video. Together with our resident nutrition guru, Rebecca Scritchfield, Bernie motivates audiences to make positive changes through The Nurture Principles.

Hey, hey! Bernie Salazar here… I’m so excited to share this video blog with you on one of my favorite foods I’ve been eating since losing 130 pounds on The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Avocado!

Watch me turn one of my old meals – burger and fries – into a delicious and nutritious Southwest Turkey Burger.


5 Ways to Adjust Personal Relationships During a Lifestyle Change

bernie salazar and rebecca scritchfieldToday’s guest blog post comes from Bernie Salazar. Together with Rebecca Scritchfield, a weight management expert, he co-created. The Nurture Principles” – Five mantras to help people change their lives and find wellness within. You’ll also recall Bernie as the Biggest Loser season 5 at-home winner.

I never realized exactly how much of an impact my relationships had on my overall health. Have you? Often times we forget to communicate to the people in our lives that we are taking the time to nurture ourselves and truly focus on getting healthy.

With the “old Bernie,” food was king! Almost all of my family functions revolved around food. Dates with my better half always included a restaurant, outings with friends consisted of drinks and appetizers, meetings with co-workers didn’t officially begin until the desserts were present, and my dog’s chubby figure was a direct result of me sharing my in between meal snacks with my “best friend.” (more…)