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Fun and Exercise at the Beach

dad at beachWhen you go to the beach, odds are pretty good that you go to relax. Lay on a towel, get some sun, maybe have a snack or two – make sure it’s a healthy one! But while you are relaxing by the water, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get a little exercise in while still enjoying the sand, fresh air, and surf. I went to the beach with my kids this past week, and while we all know that there’s NOTHING relaxing about that in general, I tried to spend half of the time active. I was mostly successful, thanks to the following tricks:
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Tips for Beach Bound Runners

woman running on beachIs running on the beach actually beneficial? Running on the beach has its pros and its cons. Let’s start with the negative first and then move to the positives. The majority of the beaches have a natural slope, thus making it dangerous for the ankles and knees. Sand, although softer than pavement, can cause strains, sprains, or even tendinitis from the inconsistent surfaces and varying pressures, or ”give,” from each step. I recommend stretching before and finding a flat surface to run. This will help eliminate most the common injuries stated above.
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Beach Body Exercise Routine for Spring Break

beachSpring break is right around the corner and time is slipping away for you and that spring break beach body. The diet  is the biggest part of what you need to focus on for the next couple weeks. Cut the calories, the carbohydrates, the fat, and the sodium. Don’t skip eating, but keep it reasonable and control your portion sizes. This will help shed unwanted inches with the help of the hard core beach body workout.

I recommend hitting it hard as often as you can for the next couple of weeks. Tackle the cardio for at least an hour each day and three sets of 20 repetitions of the following hard core beach body exercise routine. Good luck!!
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