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NBA and WNBA Live Healthy Week Starts Today

NBA/WNBAIt may not be hard for professional basketball players to stay healthy when they’re training all the time, but they know that it’s more of a challenge for their fans. To help encourage families to lead active lives the NBA is promoting Live Health Week, which starts today and will end on January 12th.

To help communicate the cause, a NBA/WNBA Fit Team has been recruited to promote healthy living at events and programs around the country. The team is made up of players, coaches, officials, trainers and other health experts who reach out to kids and parents.


Best Gyms In Indianapolis

Indianapolis is Indiana’s state capitol and it’s largest city with a population of over 800,000 people. Indianapolis is the fourteenth largest city in the nation and the second most populated state capitol following Pheonix, Arizona. It’s climate is often compared to a humid continental climate with hot and humid summers and cold winters. Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis Colts (football), Indiana Pacers (basketball), Indiana Fever (WNBA), and the Indianapolis 500.

Indianapolis is also home to some premier gyms. Look below to find the best gyms in Indianapolis.

  • Lifetime Fitness: Located on Castle Parkway, this facility has pretty much everything. If you are looking for an elite place to exercise, accompanied with a helpful and friendly staff, Lifetime Fitness is for you! (more…)

Obama’s Election Day Workout

Obama has said it’s a tradition to play basketball on the morning of an election. So far, so good. Here are pics of President-Elect Barack Obama getting in a round of hoops on the morning of November 4 (sourced from his campaign). Obama is known to be a regular basketball player; he even played on his high school’s varsity team.


Things To Do Instead Of Working-Out

This is kind of a crazy topic, but we all seem to get bored with the whole exercise thing. I work-out five or six days a week and sometimes I feel like I need a change or a break. So, I have made a list of some activities and the calories expended during each that can help break-up the monotony and let you expend some energy elsewhere.

These statistics are based on a 150 pound person at a thirty minute interval.

Basketball (Shooting Baskets):       153 calories

Shooting Pool:                                    85 calories

bike ride

Bike Riding (Moderate Intensity):   272 calories

Bowling:                                                102 calories (more…)