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OKC Thunder and Miami Heat Healthy Game Day Recipes

Can Oklahoma handle the Heat? We’ll find out when the NBA Finals tip off tonight in Oklahoma City. The city is used to sweltering temperatures and humidity, but can it stand up to the kind that the Miami Heat no doubt packed with them?

It’s LeBron vs. Durant, from fabulous Florida to the heart of the country. Fans are already on edge as the 8:00 pm game time ticks nearer. If you aren’t cramming in to the Chesapeake Arena in downtown OKC, then you probably plan on cramming on to your sofa with some homemade snacks. In the spirit of both teams, we’ve come up with a few locally-inspired, game-friendly foods that are actually good for you.

Ready to Thunder Up? If you’re cheering for Oklahoma City this week then you’ll want to eat a few local favorites. When hanging out near the arena, Fuzzy’s Tacos is an excellent restaurant choice, with a variety of grilled fish and chicken tacos lightly topped with vegetables in a corn tortilla. However, if you’re parked at home, try these: (more…)

Kevin Durant’s Fitness Focus is as Likeable as His Player Persona

Whether or not you’re a fan of basketball, or even Oklahoma City, it was hard not to Thunder Up last night. This newer franchise in the NBA has stormed the playoffs, and after last night’s win over the Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder is headed to the NBA finals.

Kevin Durant has become a face for the team and he’s becoming a super star on the court. He’s young, only 23, and a towering 6′ 9″ tall. He’s not big and he’s not bulky but he’s a fit and powerful player.

In recent seasons he’s put more emphasis on strength training, which has made him an even stronger player. He told Men’s Fitness that “Eating right and lifting three or four times a week will give me the extra push,” he needs to succeed, and said that he’s more aware of his training throughout the entire season rather than just what he does in the off season. Durant’s strength routine is said to involve weights, use of an Airex pad, TRX and moves like lunges.

Improving his balance has also been fundamental for Durant, so he works out on unstable surfaces, like the Airex pad. At home, you could use a BOSU ball. (more…)

10 Healthy Recipes for Your Final Four Watch Party

Alright sports fans, it’s time to get serious about the Final Four tournament this weekend, and the food you’ll be eating during your playoff celebrations.

Just because sporting events can bring out our worst eating habits doesn’t mean you have to blow your diet while cheering on your favorite team. Leave the planning to us with this full spread of healthier-for-you dishes themed by region of the Final Four teams. And just in case you don’t know who this year’s top four are, the Kansas Jayhawks are facing off with the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Louisville Cardinals are going head-to-head with the Kentucky Wildcats. Let the (healthy) games begin!


Jeremy Lin Ditches Traditional Workouts to Stay Fit

jeremy lin new york kinksKnicks point guard Jeremy Lin believes in old-fashioned hard work on the court, but he’s less traditional in his personal fitness regime. He doesn’t do any straightforward cardio in the gym, like running or working out on the elliptical, but he does get in that kind of workout doing drills with a basketball. “If I’m going to get myself tired, I want to make sure it’s functional and makes sense with a basketball,” he says.

Most of Lin’s workout is geared towards strengthening muscles that will benefit him on the court. He reportedly works out with Phil Wagner of Sparta Science and E.J. Costello. Lin follows a weight training program that builds endurance without adding bulk. “It’s all based on increasing my lateral speed, my agility, and my vertical,” says Lin. His strength training includes Olympic lifts, sideboards, lunges, squats, dead lifts and hang cleans. Once per week he does a dumbbell press with 20 to 40 reps per set, and then once per week he’ll do a heavier weight lifting set with fewer reps.

Lin also does yoga, which he says helps him stay flexible and prevent injuries. He also says he enjoys playing football in his free time, although he doesn’t consider that a real workout.


As Charles Barkley Represents Weight Watchers He’s Poised to Become a Role Model

“Lose weight like a man,” says Charles Barkley, the newest spokesperson for Weight Watchers. The former NBA superstar, who has been nicknamed “Round Mound of Rebound,” has gotten tired of his weight and pledged to drop it, once and for all. At his highest weight, the 48-year-old retired basketball star weighed more than 350 pounds.

Famous for a 1993 Nike ad in which he says “I am not a role model. I’m not paid to be a role model. I am paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models,” Barkley has changed his tune.

In the Weight Watchers ads, slated to run most often during sporting events, Barkley says “I am still not a role model. But maybe I can change that. Maybe if I tell you I’m losing weight and getting healthy, you’d see that you can too.” Nowhere in the advertisements does he mention black men specifically, but the message of “health first” is one that is very often overlooked by men, especially men of color. They are often underrepresented in the weight loss field, often to the gross extremes of encouraging heaviness with the popularity of such men as “The Notorious B.I.G.”, and the recent passing of comedian Patrice O’Neal. (more…)