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Coffee Reduces Chance of Gout

Not everyone knows what gout is. But if you’ve had it, there’s no chance of that. Gout is a type of arthritis that usually occurs in the feet or toes. coffeeHigh consumption of alcohol and rich foods can put you at risk. It’s extremely painful, so it’s a good idea to figure out how you can avoid it. Coffee drinkers can rejoice. Adding to the positive side of the positive/negative debate over everyone’s favorite morning eye opener, drinkers of joe may have less of a chance of developing the ugly condition of gout. Researchers found that those who drank four or more coffees a day were more likely to have a much lower uric acid level in the blood. The gout pains happen when uric acid crystallizes out of the blood into the joints.

Drink Up: Latest Research Confirms Alcohol Benefits

The benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, or lack thereof, have been debated for years. So, what’s the last call on alcohol?

The verdict appears to be in favor of alcohol. If this research sticks, you can ward off heart disease, diabetes and even arthritis. Here’s more on the Harvard research.