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Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has a Second Food Intervention

Tune in Thursday, October, 27, 2011 to watch Anderson Cooper have a second food intervention.

Last month, the show had its first intervention with the host. Due to its popularity, Anderson will be joined by fellow picky eaters as they attempt to expand their horizons and try new and different foods.

The show will also be teaching the difference between good fats and bad fats and good sugar verses bad sugar. As the different types of good and bad foods are explained, the show will also cover the naked truth of what’s really inside a hot dog.

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Join the Anderson 5 Day Family Dinner Challenge

On a recent episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show, the personable host talked about his own issues with food, and brought up a topic that has been much discussed of late: the family dinner. He began a 5-Day Family Dinner Challenge. What’s the challenge? For 5 nights in a row, cook and eat dinner together as a family. He set the following ground rules:

1) No one can be late
2) No TV or cell phones
3) Everyone has to try everything
4) Every night during dinner, play one game.

For busy moms and dads out there, this type of challenge can seem overwhelming. Many of us struggle to get a balanced meal on the table in a timely fashion, never mind making sure that each member of the family is present and accounted for. Also, Norman Rockwell paintings aside, I’ve yet to see a family with teenagers that doesn’t include at least one sullen face, accompanied by short, terse answers. It’s not exactly a formula that cries out success, is it? Don’t despair – the challenge is not as tough as it seems, and it can be downright fun! Here are some great idea to get you started, and if you’ve decided to take the challenge, let us know!

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Tune-In: Anderson Cooper Tackles Our Relationships with Food

Tune in to Anderson Cooper Tuesday, September 27, 2011 as he explores the topic of why we eat what we eat. Anderson will cover the odd relationship many people have with food, including his own personal struggles. He also will try spinach, Brussel sprouts, and coffee for the first time.

A nutritional therapist will chime in and help explain the different types of eaters, and test the audience to determine what kind of tasters they are.

Finally, author Laurie David will join the show and use the concepts from his book The Family Dinner to launch the Anderson Family Dinner Challenge. Together Cooper and David will challenge viewers to cook and eat dinner together five nights in a row.