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Make Your Weight Loss a Friendly Competition

This week I wanted to talk a little about friendly competition. I know competitions can motivate us to produce results, especially in the physical world. Since winning the Biggest Loser in 2008, I have traveled the country speaking to groups of all sizes and it NEVER fails that I come across people who are having a Biggest Loser Challenge in their community. Their excitement when they share their results is overwhelming. Yet, the one thing that always strikes me is hearing they have participated in these challenges over and over again.

This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent we check in on a Live Big husband and wife duo: The Hootens. I can’t wait for you to see their story.

In the past, the Hootens had been successful with their weight loss while they participated in challenges. Obviously I can relate to this, but what a lot of people don’t know are all the lessons I learned through my journey. The most important was learning that winning was about figuring out how I wanted to live my life after shedding all the weight that was holding me back.
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Ali Vincent and Chez Starbuck Live Big in the Present and Get More Out of Life

I can’t tell you how many countless people I have met throughout the years who share their stories of when they were younger or when they were in high school. They speak of the times when they were succeeding in different ways either through athletics, academics, social experiences, young love or all the above. Trust me, I get it. I was probably one of the biggest culprits of starting statements with “When I was younger…”.

I bring this up because last week on Live Big With Ali Vincent we met Chez Starbuck, a man who had a pretty incredible childhood but found as he entered his adult years it was somewhat hard to live up to. As he lived in those feelings the pounds just started to pack on. Chez was a child Disney star. As you can imagine for Chez, it was difficult going from a kid in the spotlight to becoming an adult uncomfortable, even in a group setting, with any eyes on him. He even felt embarrassed because he was supposed to “make it” in showbiz like many of his fellow Disney stars, yet felt he couldn’t because of his weight.

I think like Chez, many of us (at least I’ll speak for myself), feel our childhood experiences were supposed to contribute to us becoming something more than where we might be now.
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Challenge Yourself to Feel Empowered on Live Big with Ali Vincent

What a difference a choice, a moment, a day, a year and five years makes! This week was my 5-year anniversary since I stood on the scale at the season 5 finale of The Biggest Loser as the confetti fell and I became the first female winner.ali v

When I look back at my journey, the moment that made the biggest difference in my life was when I said “fine.” For so long I waited for something “big” to happen, to know my life was going to change dramatically. I didn’t realize waiting left me missing all the moments that could have gotten me to the life I wanted.

I finally said “fine” in a conversation with my mom on August 11, 2007. She was so excited that the Biggest Loser casting was going to be in my hometown, despite only finding out the night before. Back then I was a fully booked hairstylist and couldn’t afford to take the time off of work. However my mom said, “I couldn’t afford NOT to go.” My life changed forever as I replied: “Fine, go find out where I need to stand in line.” Just like that. FINE. I was so many emotions: nervous, shaky, excited, scared, and even on the verge of tears. But I surrendered with just one word.
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Ali Vincent Boasts the Fitness Benefits of Dancing with Cheryl Burke

Have you ever heard someone say “put it it out to the universe” and wondered what they meant by it? Well, I have and for a long time I wasn’t exactly sure how or what I was supposed to be putting “out” to the universe. It wasn’t until I first went onto The Biggest Loser did I really try to figure it out either. I knew that I was being given the opportunity of a lifetime and I wanted to take full advantage of it, so I tried to recall any and every thing I had ever heard anyone attribute success to. One thing that kept coming to mind was the idea that if I put my goal of becoming the first female Biggest Loser out to the universe it would in fact come true. But what did that mean exactly?

ali dwts

I remember years ago hearing that if you wanted to create a million dollars you should write yourself a check for $1,000,000.00 and paste it somewhere that you saw everyday, several times a day. I also knew that this didn’t work because I, like everyone else who had ever heard that had done, wrote the check and taped it to my mirror. Yet I never created a million dollars. So there had to be more to it.
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Ali Vincent Maintains a Healthy Lifestyle Five Years after Winning Biggest Loser

If I have learned anything in the last five years since I became the first female to win NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser it is that the only real losers in life are those who are afraid to ask questions. This week on my show Live Big With Ali Vincent, which you can find on the Live Well Network, you are asking the questions and I am answering. In fact, the whole show this week is specifically dedicated to all of the “Ask Ali” questions that so many of you have sent in – ranging from calories and exercises to balance and, yes, the skin questions!

You see, when I first started Live Big With Ali Vincent, one of the creative ideas behind it was to design a world of girlfriends. I thought if I created a space where no matter where I was in the country at any given time, I could feel as if there were people close by to help me stick with this new, healthy lifestyle. I needed to be able to stay in the conversation. I also acknowledged, like so many of you who have struggled with weight loss and can relate, that I was unhappy and alone.

I was so convinced of this that I actually created it, I kept people 112 pounds away from me and I quit talking which made it true that nobody could understand how I felt. I just didn’t know which came first – was I fat because I was unhappy? or was I unhappy because I was fat? It’s the whole chicken and the egg debate and quite frankly it no longer mattered because both were true!
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