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FDA Rules Artificial Food Coloring Is Safe for Most

JelloA FDA panel ruled that there is not proof that artificial food coloring caused hyperactivity in most children, and concluded that products containing these substances do not need to carry special warning labels or be banned altogether.

The panel convened in response to a petition from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The advocacy group petitioned for banning artificial food dyes because a growing number of studies suggest a link between children’s behavior and hyperactivity.


ADHD May Be Treatable with Diet

Little boy eating a school lunchCould ADHD be a form of food allergy? While little is known about the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a research center in the Netherlands is treating children with diet–and it seems to be working.

Dr. Lidy Pelsser at the ADHD Research Center believes that the condition is often triggered by a hypersensitivity to foods, and that diet should be modified before resorting to drugs. She put 100 unmedicated children diagnosed with ADHD on a special diet. The diet begins with a wide range of foods, and then over the course of five weeks the diet is narrowed. According to her research, about 64 percent of the children in the study saw improvements.


Pesticides in Foods Linked to ADD

We all strive to get our kids to eat healthy foods – we push fruits and vegetables every chance we get. But could that actually be harming our kids? Recent studies seem to point to this troubling thought. Exposure to pesticides used on many foods – including frozen blueberries, fresh strawberries and celery – appears to boost the chances that children will be diagnosed with ADHD.


The Benefits of Martial Arts For Kids

childrens muay thai classThere are lots of activities that kids can be involved in. Soccer, swim team, ballet, gymnastics – my kids have done them all. Rarely have they been involved in a sport that I think holds life lasting benefits – until now. About a year ago, my teenage daughter asked if she could join the muay thai classes that her girlfriend was enrolled in, and I agreed. Well, it’s been such a great learning experience for her that I’ve now enrolled two more of my children in classes. They love the instructors, who make every class exciting, and the self-defense that they’ve learned has been amazing. The instructors keep tabs on all of the students, asking about grades and behavior at home and reinforcing the desired behaviors. (more…)