Wii Fit Review

We, at DietsInReview.com, were one of the first in line at our local Best Buy to pick up the new Wii Fit this morning. After a few hours with the new exercise game we have put together a short video … Continue reading

Top 5 Chair (Desk) Exercises

leg extension on stability ball with ankle weight (Click on image to view this exercise…) 1.) Leg Extensions for Quadraceps (thigh muscle). Keep abs flexed (squeezed) and slowly kick feet towards ceiling flexing (squeezing) the quadraceps. Repeat several times. 2.) … Continue reading

Wii Fit releases today

Today is the release of the much anticipated Wii Fit, the game that could quite possibly revolutionize the way we not only game, but workout. By bringing much of what you would do in the gym to a wireless balance … Continue reading

Peta’s World Vegetarian Week

Yesterday was the kick-off to World Vegetarian Week, an effort sponsored by PETA to encourage more people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Bruce Friedrich, a VP at PETA, has given a top-ten list for reasons you should consider going veggy, … Continue reading

Shed Those Extra 5 Unwanted Pounds

Reader Question: I’m a man training for an event and have three weeks left to lose my last five pounds. Any suggestions? Human beings are creatures of habit and don’t like change all that much. Well, when it comes to … Continue reading

Being Overweight May Doom the Planet!

Losing weight is usually considered a personal matter, for the sake of personal health betterment. Now, you may need to think about losing weight… to save the planet! That’s right, with rising waist sizes comes increased concerns about its contributions … Continue reading