Run Like an Olympic Track Star

If your favorite mode of exercise is running, then you are probably concerned about whether you use the correct form while clocking miles on  a treadmill or a nearby trail. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers offers some great advice … Continue reading

School Year Resolutions

Bernie Salazar’s School Year Resolutions from Diets in Review on Vimeo. It’s my first video blog! You can expect to start hearing, and seeing, from me in video during my regular Thursday posts. This week I want to talk to … Continue reading

Biggest Loser 7 Casting Now

Update 12/17/08: ***BIGGEST LOSER SEASON 8 CASTING NOW!*** UPDATE 8/21/08: CASTING FOR SEASON 7 IS NOW CLOSED. Don’t miss your chance! Biggest Loser 7 is casting… but not for too much longer. Biggest Loser is looking for enthusiastic teams of … Continue reading

Our Plates Overfloweth

Americans eat more than ever. That may not be a revelation, but it is interesting to look at the numbers. In 1970, the average American ate a little more than 16 pounds of food a week. Flash forward to 2006, … Continue reading