Thin Can Be Deceiving

Do you get jealous when your girlfriend can eat anything she wants and doesn’t gain a pound? You shouldn’t be jealous, you should be concerned about her. Just because someone is naturally skinny, that doesn’t give them license to scarf … Continue reading

Another candy holiday?

Maybe it’s just me but it appears that in the past years, most of our holidays have turned into candy holidays. It used to be that Halloween, Easter and a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates were the holidays that we … Continue reading

I’m not afraid…

…to admit that writing for this blog is self-motivating. I’ve always been one to practice what I preach, so a few weeks ago I made the personal decision to give vegetarianism a try. I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and can I … Continue reading

Bob Greene’s Super Foods

Any healthy diet should include a rich variety of foods from all groups to ensure you’re giving your body all of the nutrients it needs. Bob Greene, creator of the Best Life Diet, recommends these five Super Foods. He says … Continue reading

25 Most Outrageous but popular Diets

Maybe we knew it all along that our diet was destined to failure because of its sheer ridiculousness: The Subway Diet, the Cookie Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet. But in a recently published article, 25 of the most popular diets … Continue reading

1,000 More Fruit Stands on New York Streets

File this one under government working well for the public… The city of New York is taking an initiative to put 1,000 fruit and vegetable stands in lower income neighborhoods. Obesity effects everyone, but especially poorer people, because they tend … Continue reading

Icy Hot in Hot Water

Shaquille O’Neal says “When the heat is on, the pain is gone” in his spot for Icy Hot, the pain relief product that is supposed to sooth muscle pain. But now the heat is on the therapy product’s maker. There’s … Continue reading

Losing weight for money

The Kmart “New Day Your Way” program is a 16-week contest where women are encouraged to lose weight for cash prizes and other gifts that are awarded at the end. The 2008 contest started in January and will finish up … Continue reading