Sex and the City Diets

It’s obvious that the four women who define Sex and the City are fabulous- both in their movie lifestyles and their real-life bodies. We found the ways they maintain those enviable shapes, and it appears, they’re really pretty normal girls. … Continue reading

My Exercise Plan – 6

Hello DietsInReview readers! I feel that I’ve done you a disservice by bringing so much hype about the changes in my life with losing some unwanted pounds and being more active, and then not talking about it for the past … Continue reading

Should I Exercise During My Pregnancy?

Of course, the majority of women benefit greatly from exercising throughout their pregnancies. You definitely need to discuss your exercise plans with your doctor or other health care provider early on to make a few adjustments to your normal exercise … Continue reading

Get out and grill!

Just a few of our top recipe picks for the holiday. They promise to be tasty and take the guilt out of Memorial Weekend. Grilled Rosemary Chicken – A savory, roasted flavor. 4 Weight Watchers Points, 194 Calories, 1g Carbs. … Continue reading

Sizing Up The EatSmart Scale

We’re used to scales for weighing ourselves. But, with the EatSmart Nutrition Scale, you put your food to the test. The thing is, it doesn’t simply weigh your food, it analyzes the nutritional content. The EatSmart Scale will instantly calculate … Continue reading

Love-handles that keep us healthy

Great news for all of us who seem to collect a bit around the hips! According to a recent research study in Cell Metabolism, a type of fat that accumulates around the hips and bottom may actually offer some protection … Continue reading

Top 5 Exercises On A Fit Ball

1.) Ab Crunch- Sit on ball and walk your feet out until the low back is on the ball. Glutes should be slightly hanging off. Squeeze abs and crunch several times. Make sure feet are shoulder width apart for good … Continue reading

Food Find: Kashi Granola Bars

Granola bars have been a staple snack of mine for years. I used to eat box after box of the Quaker Chewy Granola Bars chocolate chip flavor. It was just enough chocolate and I figured the “granola” aspect was good … Continue reading