A Lunch Lady Fights the Good Fight

“We’re killing our kids with food.” Those are the powerful and shocking words from a former celebrity chef who is on a crusade to save our children. Read this inspiring story of one lady’s passion to change how kids eat … Continue reading

Dr. Oz speaks at New York YMCA

Diets In Review is pleased to have guest blogger, Amy Vermeer, share what she learned at a recent event featuring Oprah’s favorite doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Read more about Amy’s healthy approach to living through holistic nutrition at eatlivelaugh.com. Dr. … Continue reading

Fitness Ball Explodes

Exercise can be a ball. But not for a Jacksonville man who claims that his fitness ball exploded while lifting about 150 pounds at his local YMCA. Bones were broken, and a lawsuit has been filed.

New research on ovarian cancer

A new study that was just published in the recent issue of Cancer showed that smoking or alcohol use did not increase a woman’s chance of getting ovarian cancer. The study also showed that a woman’s risk might be decreased … Continue reading

Biggest Loser: Episode 4

There are four words that sum up episode 4 of Biggest Loser: Couples… Yellow. Team. Brought. It. If you haven’t watched this intense, dramatic, twisted episode yet- then don’t read this post because I’m going to spill it all. Episode … Continue reading

Goal setting “101”

Have you ever gotten in your car and started driving, not really sure where you were going? What happened? Did you just drive around aimlessly, wasting gas and precious time? Well, that is what trying to lose weight without clear … Continue reading

Diet Books in Review

Are you looking for a new book to jump start your diet efforts? Time Magazine has an informative review of the latest diet books and the ones you shouldn’t glance over at the bookstore. Among them are the latest from … Continue reading