Goal setting “101”

Have you ever gotten in your car and started driving, not really sure where you were going? What happened? Did you just drive around aimlessly, wasting gas and precious time? Well, that is what trying to lose weight without clear … Continue reading

Diet Books in Review

Are you looking for a new book to jump start your diet efforts? Time Magazine has an informative review of the latest diet books and the ones you shouldn’t glance over at the bookstore. Among them are the latest from … Continue reading

Weekend eating

For most of us who work during the week, how, what and when we eat on the weekends looks drastically different to the schedule we so robotically adhere to Monday through Friday. As much as the weekends are a time … Continue reading

In Defense of Food

Grab a copy of this week’s People Magazine. Not only will you get the dish on Matthew McConaughey impending fatherhood and fabulous shots of Katie Holmes wardrobe- but you can catch a glimpse at the new book “In Defense of … Continue reading

Music Makes For a Better Workout

Not that I needed a scientific study to confirm this, but music has quantifiable benefits to your exercise regimen. Not to be melodramatic, but it’s nearly impossible for me to work out without music. I get the doubting devil on … Continue reading

Overweight? Blame Your Environment

Maybe you aren’t at fault for being overweight. There’s an interesting article on the Los Angeles Times website that addresses the facts surrounding you environmental exposure to foods and how your body has a genetic predisposition to eat when exposed … Continue reading

Write the weight away!

Just try and say that five times fast! And when you’re done, start doing it, as all kinds of diet programs vouch for the success that writing down your food intake can bring. Bodybuilders do it, Jenny Craigers and Weight … Continue reading

More Reasons To Go Mediterranean

The benefits of a Mediterranean Diet have been well documented. The best known benefit is optimal heart health. But now research is pointing towards more, like preventing asthma and allergies in your offspring.