Overweight? Blame Your Environment

Maybe you aren’t at fault for being overweight. There’s an interesting article on the Los Angeles Times website that addresses the facts surrounding you environmental exposure to foods and how your body has a genetic predisposition to eat when exposed … Continue reading

Write the weight away!

Just try and say that five times fast! And when you’re done, start doing it, as all kinds of diet programs vouch for the success that writing down your food intake can bring. Bodybuilders do it, Jenny Craigers and Weight … Continue reading

More Reasons To Go Mediterranean

The benefits of a Mediterranean Diet have been well documented. The best known benefit is optimal heart health. But now research is pointing towards more, like preventing asthma and allergies in your offspring.

Tricks for Passing Workout Plateaus

It’s tough enough to get the time and energy to stay committed to an exercise regimen. And, when you hit those inevitable plateaus, it can be downright frustrating. Usually the best thing you can do is change things up. An … Continue reading

Ellen’s obvious weight loss tip

When Ellen De Generes learned that Oklahoma City was listed as one of the fattest cities in the nation, with a 28% obesity rate, she made one very simple and seemingly obvious suggestion to the city’s mayor to help the … Continue reading

Cold Weather. Warm Food.

Is it just me but for those of us who live in cold climates, do you also have cravings for warm food while rejecting the idea of eating a cold salad or sipping a glass of iced tea this time … Continue reading

The 8 Must-Have Foods

So many health foods, so little time. Do you want to kick it up a notch? There are plenty of healthy foods, but there are some that you should try to eat every day. Their heath benefits are so powerful, … Continue reading

Weight Watchers… for Men

The diet season is in high gear. So, the airwaves are filled with diet programs and products proclaiming that they’re the best solution for you. One of the commercials in heavy rotation right now comes from Weight Watchers. “Stop dieting, start living” … Continue reading

Some Bad News to Chew On

Your digestive health might be compromised by an entirely unlikely source. According to German doctors, products like sugar-free gum may cause bowel problems. It’s all in the sorbitol.

Biggest Loser: Episode 3

It seemed like tonight’s episode of Biggest Loser: Couples finally got a little juicy. It’s like the past two weeks have been this careful dance where everyone is just trying to feel out themselves, their teams and competitors to see … Continue reading