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Garcinia Cambogia Warning (UPDATED 2017): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia has increased in popularity as a breakthrough natural ingredient for the reduction of appetite and fat.

Garcinia Cambogia pills are often used to help support weight loss and it’s offered by many brands, though there is a proper combination of ingredients that can maximize weight loss. (more…)

Best Male Enhancement Pills

Stress, age, hormonal imbalances, performance anxiety, and low sex drive are just some of the root causes that can lead to issues in the bedroom. It used to be that one would need expensive procedures and pills to help solve these issues, which can be pricy and may lead to side effects. Solutions for natural male enhancement are available that require no invasive surgery or harsh ingredients such as stimulants, drugs, or artificial additives.

Our review experts have looked at several types of male enhancement pills and they’ve formulated a list of the overall best ones which have been customer approved. (more…)

2017’s Best Joint Supplements

2017 has been a big year in the world of joint pain supplements. There have been new products that have come along and made a big splash in the business, some other brands have changed formulas in an effort to stay relevant, and new developments in science have pushed the entire joint health industry forward. (more…)

Pure Moving Review: Is It the Best Moving Company in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a huge city, and in it there are dozens of different moving companies; from small local outfits to gigantic national brands. When it’s your time to move and you have to choose one company over all the others it can be tough to decide which one is actually the best.

There are a lot of factors to consider: is it overall cost that’s most important, the speed of completion, or making sure that all the items arrive safely that’s the highest priority? In truth, it’s all of these factors combined that help determine who the best is, so let’s examine Pure Moving point by point to see if we can determine if they really are the best moving company in LA.

#1: Cost Effectiveness


The way to determine how much a move is going to cost is not as straightforward as just looking at a single price tag; there are multiple factors you have to consider. First, you have to examine a company’s base rates – both how much they charge per mover, and how much they charge per hour.

Then you have to consider how long the move is going to take. More workers cost more per hour, but they can get the job done faster. If you have a lot of very large or difficult-to-move items, more movers may be better. If, however, you have a smaller, less demanding move, then you may only need a couple guys to help.

At $79 per hour for 2 movers, the base rate for Pure Moving company is very low, but there are some companies that will charge $69 in some specific circumstances. None of those lower-priced companies, however, have reputations for moving fast. It only takes one or two extra hours before all of those savings from the cheaper rate are obliterated by inefficient workers.

Pure Moving has established a reputation for having the lowest FINAL price – not base rate. They consistently out perform their time estimates, and they come in under the price they quoted far more often than they exceed it. So, by these accounts, Pure Moving is the most cost-effective option available.

#2: Speed of Completion


Getting a job done fast is not just important for saving costs; in some cases there are other factors that can make time of the essence. It could be that clients have a very small window available for when they can move out of one place and in to the other. It may be that residents found out they needed to leave only recently and they need to be out in a hurry.

Regardless of the reason, Pure Moving has made special accommodations for individuals with a number of different time restrictions. They have a large potential staff to draw from, so no matter how small a window you have, they have the manpower to make it happen.

Pure Moving have also become experts in packing, prep, and move efficiency. They’re known for having the best pre-move planning in the business, ensuring that there are no surprises on the day and that the job is able to be done as fast as is reasonably possible.

#3: Safety and Thoroughness


Getting a job done fast should never have to come at the expense of the safety of your possessions, especially because there are some things that just can’t be replaced. Heirlooms, antiques, artwork, and sentimental objects need to be moved like everything else, however they each have their own unique transportation needs.

Pure Moving’s packing expertise is not just about getting a job done fast or being efficient with space. It’s about ensuring that each item is prepared for the move in a way so that when it comes out of the truck it is in the exact same condition as before it went in. Users’ comments on feedback sites like Yelp often mention clients learning more about the right way to pack in the one day they were with Pure than in all of their moves before that.

It is unfortunate, but many companies do not take the time and care with their clients’ belongings necessary to ensure their safe arrival. Pure Moving is known for their meticulous eye for detail and obsessive commitment to ensuring that not a single item gets broken, damaged, scuffed, or cracked.

They also double and triple-check their areas to ensure that nothing gets left behind or lost along the way. Pure’s movers have a reputation for treating their clients’ possessions as well or better than they treat their own.

#4: Intangibles


Cost, speed, and safety are all very important for a moving company, however the real thing that sets Pure apart is the way that their movers are always going above and beyond what is expected of them in the moving process. A quick glance through their reviews shows customers that aren’t just satisfied by their experience, but that are genuinely shocked at the lengths that Pure Moving went to for them.

There are stories of movers working in the rain, starting the move in the middle of the night, getting “stuck” furniture out of homes, taking extra care with important items, and hundreds of other tiny gestures.

These small things add up to mean a lot in the end. It’s important to know that you are working with people that genuinely want to get the job done right.



Pure Moving has a perfect Yelp rating so far for 2017. That means that not a single client has given them less than five stars on any of their reviews for the entire year. As impressive as that is, it doesn’t make nearly the impression that all of the photos of their past clients, taken when they are done moving, does.

In picture after picture, clients stand with their arms around the guys in the green Pure Moving t-shirts, smiling proudly after a job well done. Those faces are happy, even after a long day of moving – and that’s how you know that Pure is the best.


The Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles: 2017 (Updated)

Psychologists say that moving can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, comparable even to losing a loved one or being fired from a job. Having the right moving company can go a long way toward making this process as easy and painless as possible – and getting the wrong one can also make it even worse.

This is the list of the top ten Los Angeles-based moving companies for 2017, and they’re all businesses that have a reputation for making their client’s lives easier. (more…)

Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging: Does It Work?

What is it?

Stem cells form the developmental foundation of all plants, animals, and humans.  Many different types of stem cells are found in different places in the body, or are formed during the various stages of life.   They widely differ in their behavior and properties, but two common characteristics that define all stem cells are:

  • They can self-renew, or make copies of themselves.
  • They can develop into more specialized cells.

Stem Cell Therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, is the use of stem cells to prevent or treat certain diseases and conditions.  It promotes the healing and reparative response of damaged or diseased tissue by using healthy stem cells or stem cell derivatives.  (more…)

How to Lose Weight with Protein

protein-powder-nutritional-supplementProtein is an essential nutrient the body needs to function normally, and it satisfies hunger better than fiber to help support weight loss.

Studies have shown that it not only suppresses and satisfies appetite for hours, but it also boosts metabolism.  One such study by the Maastricht University Medical Centre found :

“appetite suppression and fat oxidation were higher on a high-protein diet” (more…)

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes of 2017

How do Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

A meal replacement shake is a way to substitute meals with a nutritious shake offering a full range of vitamins and minerals. When one chooses the right brand it can offer nutrients with few calories while still being able to suppress appetite and relieve hunger.

Meal replacement shakes come in many different forms and the main ones are:

High calorie: For people looking to gain weight. Designed specifically for bodybuilders or people looking to either bulk up or recover from an injury or illness.

Weight loss shakes: Providing high protein and fiber with only a few calories. They function by helping suppress appetite for hours, while still providing the body with essential nutrients to prevent any deficiencies. Meal replacement shakes for weight loss can be best described as providing:

  • Functional results: Your body needs calories and proper nutrients to work properly. A good meal replacement shake provides nutrients such as vitamins A through K, as well as minerals and some carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. This provides the benefits of a nutritionally well rounded meal in the form of a shake.

True protein shakes for weight loss will provide all the essential nutrients that the body requires to replace a meal; otherwise this may potentially lead to malnutrition and other related side effects.

Typically you can replace up to 2 meals a day depending on whether or not the shakes one chooses are well-rounded in their nutrient content. (more…)

Hair Illusion Review: Does it Work?

hair-illusionWhat is it?

Hair Illusion is a non-synthetic hair fiber brand said to look completely natural. It’s made up of real human hairs that helps improve the appearance of either thin hair or balding heads.

Similar to other hair fiber brands it does not regrow hair, but it is made to help provide a cosmetically pleasing experience. Both men and women can use Hair Illusion with both curly, straight, or in between hairstyles able to use it. Unlike many other hair fiber products this one can be used on completely bald heads, it does not require any existing hair to cling unto. It’s currently available in 8 different colors:

  • Jet black and black.
  • Dark brown, brown, and light brown.
  • Light blond, blond, and auburn.

It’s advised to choose a color similar to one’s roots. It can also be applied without the need for professional hair stylists. It’s estimated that the time it takes to apply it is roughly 1 to 5 minutes.

The stated benefits of Hair Illusion can be summed up as:

  • Won’t block any hair follicles. People performing hair replacement therapy can use this safety without any stalling in regrowth.
  • All natural and safe to use. It is not considered a topical cosmetic due to its natural hairs.
  • Free of any kinds of dyes.
  • Unlike other hair fiber brands, it’s made up of real human hair.

In applying it it’s advised to mist a light layer of the company’s sold separately fiber hold spray. After this point one lets it sit for 30 to 45 seconds. After applying the Hair Illusion it’s recommended to spritz more of the fiber holding spray in short bursts. To maximize results it’s advised to repeat these steps from 2 to 3 times. (more…)

DermMatch Review: Does it Work?

dermmatchWhat is it?

DermMatch is a hair concealer product that is made for both men and women. It can create the appearance of hair and it’s suited for people of all hair colors, skin colors, styles, and ages.
It is said to be much better than hair fiber sprays or any other form of concealer. The websites states that it can stay on and appear thicker with a neat look for every stand of hair. You can also brush it, sweat, and swim without it being affected in any way. It’s made up of a powder that is intended to be safe and healthy to use, due to it being all natural. The following 8 different colors are offered:

  • White and silver grey.
  • Platinum blond
  • Red, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown.
  • Black.

These colors can also be blended to make unique color combinations.

It’s intended to be rubbed on directly into the scalp and brushed. Applicators are also advised to further shape the product. There is no hair regrowth possible; however it won’t also delay regrowth if one is using any products to regain hair. There is no blocking of hair follicles and instead is meant to rest gently on the skin of the scalp.

DermMatch is unique to any other kinds of hair concealers as it can be used even while swimming. No other hair fiber brands or concealers offer this much protection against moisture. It’s intended to be kept on until one shampoos their hair. (more…)