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Patrick Moore is dedicated to an old school pursuit of the sporting life, breaking a sweat in competitive activities like golf, sailing, ultimate frisbee, clay pigeon shooting, and volleyball. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree from Wichita State University.

Being a Rock Hard Papaw is a Mad Operation: Meet the Fittest Great Grandpa on the Internet

This is a story about a 64-year-old retired teamster from Louisville, Kentucky who has the body of an Olympic weight lifter.

His name is Robert Durbin, but you can call him “Rock Hard Papaw.”

rock hard papaw

Why Robert is not a viral video star is beyond me, but the old man—who was once overweight after a series of ankle injuries and a heart aneurism—regularly publishes videos of himself pulling off feats of strength on his YouTube Channel.

Robert works out three hours every day, his regimen a combination of strength training, CrossFit, and yoga. “I do 150 pull ups a day and 400 push ups a day,” he said. “It’s a mad operation.”

Mad indeed, but the Rock Hard Papaw isn’t fading away in the twilight of his life. “I feel 45. I’ve never felt this way. I know I look old, but I don’t feel like it.”

Just five years ago, Robert needed canes and walkers to get around, and was fitted with metallic braces on his ankles to help mobility. “Then I had an extended aortic aneurism. My health was going downhill fast and I just wanted to be able to do stuff with my grandkids,” explained Robert. (more…)

Trans Fat Gets Fried: FDA Moves for Total Ban on Trans Fat


The FDA has announced that partially hydrogenated oil—aka trans fat—has been deemed unsafe for use in our food, and proposes it be banned completely.

Our resident nutrition expert, Mary Hartley, RD said “Good riddance to those greasy foods! Canned frosting? Stick margarine? Fake frozen treats? Gross. Those foods are suspect, not only because of the link between trans fats and cardiovascular disease, but because of wide-reaching inflammation from a host of artificial products. This could give people a reminder to eat real food.”

Artificial trans fat—an artery clogging substance responsible for the rise of heart disease in America—is created when big food manufacturers create solid fats from liquid oils.

For the next 60 days, the general public is encouraged to comment on the proposal, and food manufacturers will have the tough task of finding scientific evidence proving trans fat is safe for use in our food. (more…)

Blake Lively Doesn’t Pay Attention to What She Eats

Rumor has it that the toned beauty Blake Lively doesn’t need to work out or eat right to maintain her Helenian figure; and we can confirm this gossip to be true. The 26-year-old actress was recently asked to reveal her diet and workout regimen to People Magazine.Blake Lively

The answer? “None! I don’t need to have a [trainer] or pay attention to what I eat.” Must be nice.

Don’t take her frank comments as snark or snobbery, she’s been making these claims for a while now. Over a year ago, Lively told The Daily Mail the same thing. Back then, her secret to staying in shape was “Being 25 years old! That and a good metabolism.”

Seemingly aware of the impending decrease in her metabolic function, Lively made no buts about her laissez faire relationship with diet and fitness.

“In a few years, I’ll need to have a new secret, as in an incredibly strict diet regime.” While anybody would love to have Lively’s body type with no maintenance required, it’s important to suspend complete envy. The lifestyle of an actress is such that staying in shape is a fringe benefit. Per People, “I’m always on the go. I’m lucky to have an active lifestyle.” The constant movement, traveling, and training for film shoots and other appearances is sure to burn a ton of calories. (more…)

Highly Evolved: The New Grocery Shopper is Savvy, Cavalier and Frugal

Halloween may be over, but in the coming weeks, grocery stores across the country are going to become terrifying places. Hordes of shoppers will flock to supermarkets to stock up on sundries for Thanksgiving, Christmas and a myriad of other holiday soirees. If the clinking and clanking of steel in the aisles seems to be a bit more cacophonous this year, that’s probably because most shoppers are searching for deals on their smart phones.

Shopping Cart

Our friends at advertising agency Sullivan, Higdon, and Sink (SHS) put together an illuminating white paper on the subject, and found that smart phones, privacy issues and food packaging have changed the check-out game. Shoppers are using phones to find the best coupons and are increasingly more cavalier with what personal information they share.


McDonald’s and Burger King Violate Children’s Advertising Agreement Making Up 99 Percent of All Fast Food Ads Aimed at Kids

McDonald’s and Burger King agreed to advertise only healthy food offerings as part of the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. Let’s see if they’ve kept their word.


When it comes to child marketing, McDonald’s and Burger King are selling the experience, not the food.

The above study, funded and published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has found the two largest fast food corporations aren’t as dumb as they look. They’ve figured out that showcasing their food is actually a bad idea. Obviously McDonald’s and Burger King cannot self-regulate their ads aimed at children. The facts are anything but elementary, as the tactics of these fast food behemoths are prolonging the childhood obesity epidemic. One-third of our children remain obese.

99 percent of all fast food ads aimed at children came courtesy of two companies.

Any guesses? Not a tough one here, folks. McDonald’s and Burger King placed 44,602 and 37,210 ads aimed at kids, respectively. This is disconcerting. Despite big fast food’s efforts to increase healthy offerings, the burgers, fries, and nuggets peddled in kid’s meals are highly caloric, highly fatty, and highly processed. To this day, no one really knows what McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made of.

Side note: A 3.3oz serving of McDonald’s eggs, which should be one of their healthiest menu items, contains 20 ingredients and 173 percent of your daily cholesterol intake. Just sayin’. (more…)