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Is Resveratrol Really Reversing the Aging Process?

What is Resveratrol?
red grapesResveratrol is a natural compound found in the skin of grapes (therefore, also in red wine) that is claimed to drastically reduce aging related illnesses, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. The claim behind this is that you will live longer and live a healthier life.  Dr. Oz discussed taking resveratrol in supplement form on Oprah raving about how he takes it and how pleased he is with it. This supplement is supposed to make you healthier while helping you lose weight and prolong your life. This supplement is supposedly able to counter the multiple negative effects of a high fat diet.

There are now many resveratrol supplements on the market that contain a very high concentration of resveratrol.  In fact, to receive the amount of resveratrol in these supplements you would have to drink 1,000 bottles of wine a day, which obviously would not be recommended. (more…)

6 Tips to Get Realistic with Your Weight Loss Goal

woman-on-scaleIt’s not the occasional dessert or extra helpings that cause you to fail at your weight loss goal, it’s the unrealistic expectations that you put on yourself that make you fail.  Too often, people try the latest and not so greatest diet in efforts to drop weight fast.  Think about it this way, if all these diets work then why are there so many of them around and why are the new ones evolving on a weekly basis?  Our society is obsessed with having a quick fix.  We all want something that will make the pounds drop in a few weeks, which is super unhealthy, so whatever diet is being publicized then that’s what we try.  (more…)

10 Tips for Being Heart Healthy

heart-healthy-foods1. Lose that extra weight. Lightening up and shedding a few pounds will make it easier for your heart and on you!

2. Watch out for fat.  Learn to be “fat-savvy.”  You want to eat little to no cholesterol, saturated, and trans fat.  Choose lean meats and low-fat or non-fat dairy to help cut these numbers down.

3. Watch out for salt. Look for reduced-salt and no-salt added products and try your food before you add extra salt.


The Pros and Cons of Going Organic

One of the hottest buzz words in food right now is “organic.” I want to help you better understand what these foods are, what you stand to gain from them and a few of the negatives.usda organic

What is organic?
In order for a food to be labeled organic it needs to be grown and processed without using any genetic engineering procedures, or without any synthetic/artificial fertilizers (must use real fertilizers).  Organic foods are grown without the use of all “-cides”, meaning no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  Also, the food must be grown or processed without antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals, or use of radiation.  In short, the food was produced and processed in the most natural way and delivered to consumers in the purest form without any chemical tainting. To be certified organic a product must bare the USDA certification of 100% organic.  This seal means the farm has been evaluated and tested by a set standard of practice and is certified after passing. (more…)

Is Pepsi Throwback Healthier?

throwback-pepsiWhat is Throwback Natural Pepsi?
This product was first launched in the UK in which Pepsi marketed and introduced “Pepsi Raw.”  This Pepsi Raw is a “corn syrup free, all natural soda.”  Pepsi Raw has been transformed in the U.S. as the new throwback natural sugar Pepsi.

Throwback Natural Pepsi is marketed as a premium soda made with sugar, natural caramel and kola nut extract in place of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) compared to the traditional Pepsi, which contains HFCS, artificial coloring, phosphoric acid, caffeine citric acid and natural flavors.  Pepsi is calling it natural due to it being made with sugar rather than the controversial HFCS that’s seen in so many products these days.  This new Pepsi is supposedly paler in color and less fizzy than other cola products. (more…)