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Foods for a Healthy Liver

fruits and vegetablesYour liver is very important and to put it simply, without it you won’t live. Your liver is responsible for digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and ridding toxins and toxic substances from your body. So it’s very important that you keep your liver healthy in order for your body to function properly and efficiently.

So what can you eat to help your liver?

  • Avoid or limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Over-consumption of alcohol can lead to life-ending liver disease. (more…)

New Health Benefits of Coffee

coffeeAccording to an article in Harvard Health Publications, coffee consumed in moderation can provide you with some good and unexpected health benefits.  Research has been going on for a while, about 20 years or so, measuring coffees effect on health.  Drinking coffee in moderation is defined as consuming a few cups a day and the latest research confirms that moderate coffee consumption does not harm the body, but in fact uncovered possible benefits.   (more…)

Consume More Potassium for a Healthy Heart

orange-juiceWhat is Potassium?
It’s an element and an electrolyte.  Your body needs potassium for proper growth and maintenance; it helps keep water balance between cells and body fluids, plays an essential role in response of nerves to stimulation and contraction of muscles.  Potassium is crucial in proper heart function, put simply it triggers your heart to beat and pump blood through your body.  Lower levels of potassium have been linked to increased or high blood pressure. Research has shown that individuals that consume adequate amounts of potassium have a lower risk of having a stroke. Also, there has been no clear link between potassium and lower cholesterol, but cholesterol–lowering diets that contain high amounts of potassium have been shown to be beneficial.  (more…)

Study Says Obese Women Should Not Gain Weight During Pregnancy

pregnancy-weightA study conducted in several hospitals examined whether obese women need additional weight gain during pregnancy.  It’s been recommended for years by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that pregnant women of normal weight gain 25-35 pounds, underweight women gain 28-40 pounds, overweight women gain 15-25 pounds, and obese women gain at least 15 pounds. These numbers are based on an individual basis, but those are the basic pregnancy weight gain guidelines to protect and ensure proper fetal development, nutrition, and increase chances of having a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  However, this new study sheds an interesting light on this.

The researchers followed 232 obese pregnant women, in which they were placed into one of two groups.  The control group received conventional prenatal nutritional guidelines to “eat to appetite” while the other half in the second group received a well-balanced, nutritionally monitored program including keeping a daily food diary(more…)

Go Mad for the Benefits of Mangoes

Mangoes are a very popular and versatile fruit, yet I’m still amazed at the amount of friends I have that have yet to try them.  Mangoes come in many varieties all having their own unique flavor, texture, color, and aroma.  mangoesMangoes have overlapping seasons, so they can be eaten and enjoyed all year!  Remember, mangoes come in all colors and some are even multi-colored.  The best way to determine a ripe mango is to squeeze it.  A ripe mango will have a slight give when squeezed. Depending on when you want to enjoy your mango you need to buy one accordingly, if you know it’ll be a few days pick a firmer one, but if you’re going to eat it that day buy one that gives when squeezed. (more…)