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Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 8 Recap

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Week 8 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Episode 8 was packed with so much drama and nail biting twists that I actually found myself covering my eyes and all-out screaming at my TV at some points. This undoubtedly had to be the most action-packed episode to date. In Episode 8 we see all the contestants return for a chance to get back on the ranch. Participants were asked to weigh in and Phil had lost an amazing 68 pounds. followed by Ed who wasn’t far behind at 58 pounds lost. However, contestants weren’t being allowed back on the ranch based on weight loss, instead Ali announces that a challenge will take place to determine who returns. (more…)

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 7 Recap

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Week 7 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Let me just start off by saying, “Good for Bob!” He pulled his team aside, mainly Vicky and Brady, and asked if there was game play involved in Brady’s 2 lbs. weight loss last week. They concluded that his weight loss was attributed to Brady not eating as often as he should, not sure I’m sold on that conclusion, but oh well.

Contestants then played a game modeled after an amazing book called “Eat This, Not That,” which shares with people the calories behind some of the food choices we make. It was very insightful, and I personally enjoy the book, so I’m glad to see it mentioned on the show.

Now for the DRAMA! (more…)

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Families Recap Episode 6

Biggest Loser Week 6 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

If it wasn’t evident before it most certainly is now, the game play is officially here! Episode 6 started off pretty normal, each team took a field trip. Bob’s team went to an ab strengthening acrobatics class, while Jillian’s team went to a ropes course. Coleen confronted her fear of heights, while back on the Blue Team Heba realized just how hard aerial acrobatics can be.

This week’s challenge tested contestant’s balance by having them race around a circular balance beam. For every completed lap by a team member a point was given, first team to 25 won. This challenge was a complete blow out! (more…)

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 4 Recap Part II

Get up-to-speed with Bernie’s recap of Part I.

Due to the presidential debate last night, episode 4 of the Biggest Loser was cut short, however tonight the wonderful folks over at NBC aired the second hour of the show. The second half of the show proved to be worth the wait! In the second part of episode 4, we saw Jillian really get tough and rightfully so, her teams weren’t doing the homework that she was assigning, which on the Biggest Loser is just as bad as sneaking snack cakes in the middle of the night!

We also saw Bob take his team to SUBWAY for a quick bite to eat, which is good because trying to find a place to eat on the go in the “real world” isn’t easy. I love the fact that the show is sharing information with viewers about how to make smart choices when eating out.

At the weigh-in, we saw the orange team Ed and Heba fall below the dreaded yellow line. The orange team was then forced to decide who was going home amongst themselves. In the end, Ed wound up going home leaving Heba to continue on her own.

During his at home follow-up, Ed looked Great! I wish him continued success at home and consider him a real contender for this year’s At-Home prize.

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Families Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 begins with contestants receiving the prizes they received from the hill challenge on Episode 1. Amy and Phil got to go home for 24 hours and visit with their family; it was great to see them bring the lessons learned at the ranch in regards to diet and exercise home to their boys. Amy and Shellay won the incredible prize of spending 24 hours with their trainer Jillian. They spent their time at 24 Hour Fitness where with Jillian’s help we finally see Shellay begin to confront personal issues that are getting in the way of her weight loss journey.

Tonight’s challenge had contestants submerged in huge a water-filled tank where they were asked to hold their body weight up using a bar for support. Throughout the challenge the water in the tank was slowly being drained making it increasingly harder for contestants to hold up their body weight. After an intense battle that lasted 107 minutes, Vicky from the Brown Team won, and with it won a care package from home and a 3-day vacation to Universal Studios with her family. Host Alison Sweeney informed the Brown team that they could select one other team to receive a care package from home. The Brown team selected the purple team, Shellay and Amy, which I feel, was the right choice being that Amy finished the challenge in second place.

Then Episode 4 was cut short due to the presidential debate! Just like many of you I realize the importance of the upcoming presidential election, I’ve done my research on the candidates and come November I feel ready to cast my vote. However, part of me was definitely frustrated with the interruption. If this presidential debate has taught us anything it’s that patience and being informed are the only way to bring about change!

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