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Five Reasons to Consider a Low-Carb Diet

Guest Blogger Jamie VanEaton is a freelance writer making lunch–not war– when she’s not herding children, corralling pets or raising dust bunnies. You can also read her blog, The Lighter Side¬†of Low-Carb.


You may have thought it was all about meat. And bacon. And butter.
Fear not. Low-carb (and lower-carb) lifestyles are as healthy as the attitudes of those following them, and for many results in weight loss and feelings of better health, lack of brain fog and other nagging symptoms.

Here are five reasons to consider checking out a low-carb diet plan:

1. Gives the OK on fat. It doesn’t take much fat to fill and satisfy the human body. Because fat has satiety value, fat stays in the system longer for greater satisfaction. Finding small, healthy ways to slip this brain pleaser into a daily regimen is a best bet.
Try: Nuts, olives, canola oil, cheese, Italian dressing, etc.

2. Eat your veggies (5-6 servings a day). The food pyramid states that a diet consisting of five servings of vegetables per day is optimal. Why stop there? Chockfull of phytonutrients and fiber, loading up your plate with vegetables is extremely healthy.
Try: Zucchini, jicama, spaghetti squash, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, eggplant, snap peas and countless other low glycemic veggies.vegetable salad recipes

3. Variety in Plans. From South Beach (lower-fat, moderate carb) to Atkins, (higher-fat, low-carb), and from Low Glycemic Load to Weight Watchers Core, there is something for everyone. Because no one size fits all, it is important to learn about the various plans and evaluate which best works for your health and lifestyle.
Try: My personal favorite, Dr. Thompson’s Low Glycemic Load Diet.

4. Less hunger. Reduce carbohydrates by any substantial amount, and up your fat and protein and more often than not, there is less hunger. The reason for this lies in the increased fiber and fat consumption in the plan which leads to greater blood sugar stability and more satiety.
Try: Full-fat yogurts and cheeses which offset lactose with fat. Choose vegetables over juices, as the fiber found in its natural state helps stave off hunger.

5. Save Money on Processed Foods. Shop the outer sections of the grocery¬†store. Processed foods are convenient, but they’re also expensive and don’t have the staying power or health benefits in the body found with a whole foods plan.
Try: Bring kids and partners shopping and teach them a lifetime of positive food choices for health, longevity as well as having your own support system.

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May 22nd, 2009