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Lifetime’s Cook Yourself Thin is a New Healthy Cooking Show


Don’t miss our interview with co-host Allison Fishman.

Are you wondering if there is a healthier and less caloric way to whip up your favorite dishes like pasta carbonara and fudge brownies? Cook Yourself Thin is Lifetime’s newest cooking show, helping you give your favorite meals a healthier and lower-calorie makeover. The series, which starts airing on May 4 at 5 p.m. EST, features three cooking experts, Harry Eastwood, Allison Fishman, and Candace Kumai, who incorporate their ingenious and savvy cooking techniques to make indulgent dishes tasting as indulgent as they were meant to be but with significantly less calories and fat. (Now showing at 8 a.m. EST weekdays.)

cook-yourself-thin-cookbookBased upon the super popular cookbook and British series of the same name, during each half-hour episode of Cook Yourself Thin, you’ll learn how to swap calorie-heavy ingredients for leaner and healthier additions. For instance, the three cooking experts will show you how to turn a traditional 1,300 calorie steak and potato dinner into a less than 400 calorie meal, or you’ll learn how to skim 400 calories off of a muffin.

Each episode chronicles one cooking novice who wants to lose weight, but still savor sumptuous meals.  With step-by-step cooking instructions, their favorite meals get a skinny makeover and you get to learn secret and clever ways to slim down meals and your waist. Then after six weeks of Cook Yourself Thin, each participant is revisited at their home to see how their new culinary skills are keeping their tummies satisfied and flat.

Similar to newer cookbooks like Hungry Girl’s 200 Under 200 and Naturally Thin, more and more people are desperate to find creative ways to eat the foods they love and lose weight or maintain their healthy weight. Cook Yourself Thin is just another example that lets you have your cupcake and eat it too –  gooey frosting and all!

Try Cook Yourself Thin’s Frosted Vanilla Cupcake or Pumpkin Spice Cookie recipes.

Get your copy of Cook Yourself Thin, or pre-order the upcoming book Cook Yourself Thin Faster (releases 12/29/09).

May 1st, 2009