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Tune In: Oprah and Dr. Oz Explain Why America’s Kids Are Fat

dr. oz and oprahTune in today and tomorrow (Jan. 26 and 27) to Oprah as she hosts a two-part series about the childhood obesity epidemic afflicting our country. It begins with an emotional and necessary intervention for 16 obese teens and their families. Watch as they confront the anger, pain, their parents and themselves. Oprah asks what they are hungry for, and she’s not talking about food.

Then tomorrow, Dr. Oz steps in and takes us behind the scenes in school cafeterias to show what America’s kids really are eating, hidden truths about the fast-food we feed our kids, introduces nutritional education the entire family can use, and how to pack a low-cal lunch your kids will want to take to school.

Tune In to Oprah, check your local listings for schedule.

January 26th, 2009