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Biggest Loser’s Erik Chopin Gains it Back

Biggest Loser has been getting a lot of coverage lately, having appeared on Oprah this past fall and then on Larry King Live this past week. One of the show’s favorite winners, Erik Chopin of season three, was absent from Oprah’s episode, saying he just wanted to hide and didn’t want to admit to friends and fans his weight gain. Then he appeared on Larry King, and America saw that the man who had lost 214 pounds on Biggest Loser, had gained it back. Erik has since gained 122 pounds.

Erik Chopin won Biggest Loser 3, then gained 122 pounds. (

Erik Chopin won Biggest Loser 3, then gained 122 pounds. (

Erik got another invite to visit Oprah, and in the show that aired this week, they both discussed falling off the wagon. He told her that he realized food is his drug of choice. “I was looking to the food to heal myself, to feel better about something,” said Erik. He says that maintenance is a lifelong challenge, a sentiment Oprah echoed on her Best Life Week while discussing her own return to the weight loss battle.

So after a silent weight gain alone, Erik says it was Oprah who inspired his aha moment (a moment that Oprah coined on her show). After Oprah came out and shared that she’d gained 40 pounds, Erik decided to embrace it and share with the world. Erik is now committed to getting back in the gym, even though it’s not his favorite thing, but says you have to “do it for you.”

January 15th, 2009