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Singer Wynonna Judd New Alli Spokesperson

wynonna juddPeople magazine is reporting that country music star Wynonna Judd has a New Year’s resolution: to tell the world about Alli. She’s signed on to act as a representative for the super-popular weight loss supplement.

Unlike her half-sister Ashley Judd, Wynonna wasn’t blessed with a Hollywood leading lady figure. Which, in this case, gives her more appeal, since regular folks can relate to her.

“People can see themselves in me and say ‘You know what? If she can do it, I can do it,'” says Judd.

She isn’t just a talking head for the Alli company, she already used the product before this deal was struck.

“This is about me picking something that I know works for me,” say Judd. “I can still plan [my work] and not feel like Alli is dictating my life as I have in the past on other programs. It fits into my schedule.”

Judd is set to release her new album, entitled Sing, on Feb. 3 and embark upon a 2009 tour.

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January 7th, 2009