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Pregnant Hollywood Stars’ Food Cravings

Pickles and ice cream? Green olives and cupcakes? Even though Tinsletown A-list moms-to-be may wear couture maternity wear, when it comes to food cravings they are just as bizarre as the rest of us regular moms.

US magazine polled some of Hollywood’s most famous moms for which foods they couldn’t eat enough during their nine months of pregnancy. The cravings seem to fall into two categories: sweet or salty. Here’s a look at who fell into which category.

Pass the Salt!

New mom Ashley Simpson confessed to eating green olives with everything as did Minnie Driver, while Jessica Alba ate ham and cheese sandwiches almost every day of her pregnancy. Halle Berry noshed on bread, salt and pickles while she was pregnant with daughter, Nahla.

Singer and fashion designer, Gwen Stefani carried around a bottle of Tabasco sauce in her purse and devoured salty chips, spicy salsa and Mexican fare while pregnant the second time around.

Sweet like Sugar

Tori Spelling, mom of two, couldn’t eat enough of rocky road ice cream and Katie Holmes satisfied her sweet tooth with gourmet cupcakes. Gwyneth Paltrow surrendered to cravings for banana toffee pie while pregnant with first child, Apple. Debra Messing ate bowl after bowl of frosted mini wheats when she was pregnant and eating-for-three Rebecca Romijn noshes on soy cream cheese and drinks lemonade by the pitcher.

Angelina Jolie was rumored to have the sweet-salty craving while she was pregnant with her twins. Deep-fried onion rings dipped in mustard,  fast-food french fries dipped in milkshakes, dark chocolate flavored with Mexican chilis and cinnamon and cupcakes topped the list of this mother of six’s pregnancy taste buds. Julia Roberts also had a hankering for the sweet-salty combo and indulged in french fries dipped in chocolate.

Calling all moms out there: DietsInReview would love to know what your pregnancy cravings were. Don’t be shy – the more whacky, the better!

November 28th, 2008