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Trainer Bob Harper Discusses Holiday Survival and Biggest Loser’s Vicky

We had a chance to visit with Bob Harper, the Biggest Loser blue team trainer, today just moments after his afternoon workout. It’s proof that he’s practicing what he preaches to the contestants of the show, now in its sixth season. “I love my job,” says Bob, who is as vocally passionate about the role he plays in helping these people regain their health as you see on the show. He says his mantra is “get healthy, get healthy, get healthy.”

Prior to his role on Biggest Loser, Bob was a celebrity trainer, where he explained he’d help already-fit people “turn their six packs into eight packs and get from a size four to a size two.” Biggest Loser very much changed the way he trains because he’s working with “everyday people,” and it is his responsibility to show them how to not only lose weight, but to do so in a healthy, well-rounded way.

This season, one of the people Bob is transforming is Vicky Vilcan. We brought her up specifically because she’s the only player we’ve ever seen cause such a ripple amongst Biggest Loser fans, who are a pretty devout group. Bob himself has called her “Shakespearean” and a “puppet-master,” but he explains that who you see on the show is exactly who the producers want you to see. “Vicky is the biggest fan of this show and loves reality TV, she played the game tough,” he remarks.

Vicky is one of Bob’s eight contestants this season, who coincidentally all hail from southern states. He says that the team he built was not by design, that they just happened to call his home region home as well. He comments that the South is the most unhealthy in the country, and he’s confident that these contestants will inspire change there.

With the holidays right around the corner, Bob offered some suggestions to help people survive and still enjoy the season. For Thanksgiving, Bob recommends:
1. Get Involved with Menu Planning.
2. Don’t Eat Yourself Into a Coma.
3. Find Time to Take a Walk.

If you like to give food-related gifts, Bob recommends replacing cookie and muffin baskets with fruit baskets, all-natural desserts (instead of refined sugars), and even wine, because of all the health benefits red wine offers.

You can see Bob Harper each Tuesday on NBC’s Biggest Loser, or follow his advice at home with his book “Are You Ready?”. He said he’s just finished working on new boot camp and yoga DVDs, as well as a video game.

November 20th, 2008