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Meet Tracy Anderson, Madonna’s Fitness Guru

Most of us can only dream about having just a fraction of the personal training wisdom (and discipline) that Madonna has amassed over the years. From a soft and voluptuous “Material Girl” to the muscular warrior physique she now sports, Madonna’s iconic body gets about as much attention, if not more, than her music career, chameleon-like wardrobe and her controversies.

A few years ago, Madonna was introduced to the pint-sized trainer and former dancer, Tracy Anderson, through her best friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Anderson helped Gwyneth get in the best shape of her life following the birth of her second child, Moses, and now this ballerina-turned-trainer is a fixed presence within Madonna’s entourage of stylists, artists, chefs and dancers on her Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Anderson keeps her tiny body and many others in fabulous shape through her own signature method that revolves around variety. From cardio to strength-training, Anderson pushes her A-list clients, like Madonna, to the max by having them perform hundreds of repetitions of weight-based exercises that work muscles at different angles so that the muscle (and you) never becomes bored.

She was inspired to take her body into her own control when as a dancer, she was consistently told that yes, she could dance, but no she didn’t have the body for it. At five feet tall and very muscular, Anderson was not born with the lithe body that ballerinas have. Rather than giving up, she spent years researching how the body’s muscles function, move and grow. Out of this came her own specific method of exercise in which she created thousands of moves that isolate certain muscles and result in the dancer’s body that she also dreamed of having.

The good news is that Anderson has just launched 3 new DVDs that share some of the magic behind her intense workout programs that shaped her own body and Madonna’s: A mat workout, a dance workout and a post-pregnancy workout. In order to get a killer body, be prepared to workout hard for 30 minutes a day, six days a week.

And if you really want to go full-force, follow Anderson’s low-cal, low-carb and low-fat diet for a few weeks. Expect to eat no more than 3 small meals a day and a snack. A sample day includes, one cup of Kashi cereal for breakfast with low-fat soy or rice milk, 3 oz of chicken breast and 1 cup of raw veggies for lunch, mixed berries for a snack, and 3-5 ounces of grilled sea bass with a 1/2 cup of steamed spinach for dinner.

November 14th, 2008

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S Nelson

I agree with the other user feedback that anyone over 40 (or with a chronic medical problem) should visit their MD prior to starting an exercise program, that has been scientifically and medically established. What I don't agree with is the notion that veins visible on the surface of the skin are varicose veins. In physically fit people, the visibility of these veins are caused by decreased bodyfat , along with an improved cardiovascular system (more blood flow).
Varicose veins themselves are not an indicator of heart disease ("seized heart"?) They can be present in very healthy individuals, and have a different appearance then the veins mentioned above.
The most important thing to remember is to 1. follow the advice of your physician and 2. listen to your body, not to the people posting their opinion in a blog.
Last point: Madonna appears healthy, and I doubt she would be able to exercise at such intensity if she were not.

posted Oct 26th, 2009 1:36 pm

Linda Dodds

Madonna is not healthy. Her cardio-vascular system is very UNHEALTHY.

Our blood vessels, both the arteries and the veins exist within our muscles. They are all supposed to be ??embedded safely inside? our muscle??s springy fibres.

When a muscle is damaged then for self-protection, it ??contracts and tightens?, it ??seizes?. When a ??muscle seizes? then in effect, it ??solidifies? and our veins which are normally encased within the muscle, do not have any space to exist and so, our ??veins rise to the muscle??s surface?. They become visible, protruding beneath our skin forming those ??varicose veins?.

Varicose veins sit above and are caused by ??seized muscles?.
Varicose veins are a sign of VERY POOR blood circulation.
Varicose veins are a sign of VERY BAD cardio-vascular health.

Our cardio-vascular system has 2 halves. Our heart is only ??one half?. The other half; ??the returning of the blood to the heart?, the ??venous pump? is performed by our body muscles. Fresh blood is pumped out from our heart into the body, via the arteries but it returns to the heart, "pumped by our muscles", via the veins.

The Venous Pump - Our veins are encased within our muscles and with each muscle movement, each expansion and contraction, our muscles squeeze and release the veins; and thus, ??pump our blood back to the heart?.

? A seized muscle means ??a squashed out vein?.
? A seized muscle with its veins on the outside is ??incapable? of adequately squeezing and releasing our veins.
? A seized muscle is ??incapable? of performing its part in the ??venous pump?.
? A seized muscle is ??incapable? of returning our blood to the heart.

It is no good turning up the pump of the heart (the cardio), ??forcing? blood out into the body if the ??pump of the returning blood?, the ??venous pump? cannot keep up ??the same pace?.

Seized and seizing muscles are incapable of squeezing our veins enough, to return blood back to the heart ??in time? for it to be pumped out again.

It is the ??lack of returning blood? that causes the heart to fail.

Madonna is now at serious risk of suffering a heart attack.

Learn the Truth about Exercise at or if you are over 40 years old then please visit

posted Aug 4th, 2009 9:01 am


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