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Jillian Michaels Sued because of Diet Pill Claims

jillian michaels maximum strength calorie controlA class action lawsuit was filed last week in L.A. against Biggest Loser and weight loss guru Jillian Michaels. Named in the suit, Christie Christensen makes claims that she “was duped” into buying one of the supplements Michaels has recently lent her name to, Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control. Christensen’s suit is based on the claim that she was lead to believe the diet supplement’s advertised benefits would reduce her appetite or help her lose weight, which she says it did not.

“Ms. Michaels knows better — taking two pills before eating does not miraculously cause weight loss,” the lawsuit states, per The Associated Press.

Melissa Harnett, Christensen’s attorney who filed the suit, told TMZ, “Telling people you take two magic pills and then eat chocolate cake all day is a deception.”

As part of the suit, Christensen is suing Basic Research and ThinCare International, the Utah-based manufacturer of the multiple diet supplement products bearing Michaels’ name.

“Not only have placebo-controlled, double-blind, published clinical studies been conducted on the active calorie-control compound in Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control, but that research was reviewed by some of the leading weight-loss experts in the world before Jillian would put her name on the product,” read a statement released by ThinCare.

We’ve said it here on multiple occasions and we’ll remind everyone again – when it sounds too good to be true, especially when it comes to dieting, it probably is. At the end of the day, a healthy, balanced diet and approach to eating coupled with regular exercise are every person’s best act toward losing weight. You have to be your own best advocate, and sometimes, that means reading through the fine print.

Don’t take advertising at face value, whether it’s a well-known branded diet supplement, a fat-free claim on a bag of chips or promises of six-pack abs when you use a special machine for three minutes a day. Do your homework and protect yourself.

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February 14th, 2010

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I have to agree with many of the people on here, not too sure exactly what the heck Alexandria is talking about...the government tormenting her....? I don't know, anyway, this lawsuit is just plain stupid. Like many already said, you can't rely on diet pills alone, you have to get up off of your butt and exercise and eat healthy, and READ THE LABEL. It says it has to be used in conjunction with exercise and a sensible diet. It doesn't say that you can sit on the couch, eat chips and pop diet pills and magically lose weight. She's either got to be completely delusional or just looking for a easy buck, or maybe both. It's a waste of money and time and shouldn't have even been allowed into court!

posted Apr 14th, 2011 5:04 pm

Alexandria Barkclay

Hello Jillian,
I can't believe you actually printed the above oppions of misinformed fans. Yes, fans, as I am a fan of yours, but I don't have stupid written all over my forehead. I couldn't stand to read every comment and found them obscene and vulgar that you would print Nichole and her ridiculous statement:

"...should say fat lazy ppl who don't eat healthy or excersise this most likely will do nothing since lazy fat people are to stupid to figure out thats what it means and it says " use in conjunction with with a sensible diet and excersise program..."

Every obese person on this planet has a reason for being obese. My reason -- I was physically and mentally tortured by the government and its white collar criminal scum involved in racketeering and RICO violations ,18 U.S.C. 1961, 18 U.S.C.2385, and "Gentrification" violations (pillaging and plundering of lands and finances. The bad boys of government tortured and murdered my mother pursuant to 18 USC 242 which carries the "death penalty" if prosecuted; however, the scum at the US Attorneys Office, nationally and locally ,were to busy aiding and abetting governmental assassinations, refined cutthroats, state disturbers, and malignant egoists for their pure greed and and personal gain.

One way I was tortured, I was sleep deprived twenty-two hours a day while forced to draft hundred page legal documents a day; yes, hundreds and thousands of legal pages over ten of eleven years while learning law from the five thousand dollars that I spent on law school books.

The courts in America are corrupted and their judicial officers are souless human beings working for corporate America, so you most likely will succeed in having your legal team win a motion to dismiss this case with prejudice, unless, you are before the one and only ethical American judge.

Let's use logic and not profanity to resolve this dispute. Every obese American knows that if he or she exercises, he or she will shed excess weight and fat depending on whether one consumes between ten to twenty percent of their calories in fat (fat shedding) or thirty percent (maintaining). One does not need pills, powders, shakes, surgery, etc., etc., etc. It doesn't matter if one consumes healthy or unheathy foods, one will still shed excess fat if one reduces excess fat consumption during his or her meals.

Jillian, I am very disappointed in you, that you took the easy way out to increase your finances, when you knew what you were doing when you placed your name on the label. I am not hear to dispute violations of the federal and state Commercial Consumer Codes for false advertising. What I can tell you, that your attorneys didn't tell you. Look in the federal, state, and regional reporters and read cases related to weight loss cases and their legal disputes that Americans have contested in the courts for good reasons that weren't frivilous. It might give you perspective in weighing the pros and cons of signing your public "business" name to products you might not want to defend in a court of law.

As I said, I am a fan of yours, so I hope you will live up to the standard you have advertized to your public name, stardom, and fan base. Consider other options of advertising other products that assist morbidly obese individuals. I look forward to seeing you on the next Biggest Loser series.

I have purchased your videos, but I am still too obese to use them. In 2009, I almost died from conjestive heart failure --- the cardiologist removed six hundred and twenty millileters of bloody fluid suffocating my heart. It's alright now, but I am not taking any reckless risks. Until the eleventh year in legal war that I was forced to fight, was over, I didn't begin to shed, permanently. I have shed twenty-four pounds slowing by swimming laps and water acquatics (belt), but eventually, I will use your boot camp exercises. I might even try them in water!

Alexandria Barkclay

Life lessons are hard
when transforming us

posted Sep 17th, 2010 12:19 am

Kathy Randol

I think everyone is correct. There are people who have nothing better to do with their un-healthy lives, but SUE!!. I am 55 year old womam who is 5'7 my weight 125. I still do not have a 6 pack a lot lof things I want I will not have do to my age. I also have MS. I try to exercise daily. This case should not even be allowed to be in the court system.

posted Jun 19th, 2010 1:26 am


This is ridiculous I wish to God I could meet this girl and tell her to shut the **** up. I mean seriously how can someone dupe you into buying somthing. it says right on the bottle "individual results may vary" (should say fat lazy ppl who dont eat healthy or excersise this most likely will do nothing since lazy fat people are to stupid to figure out thats what it means) and it says " use in conjunction with with a sensible diet and excersise program" and the guarantee states "Because No weight-control product or program will work for everyone...." so this shouldnt even be aloud in court its a waste of time and money. she should just return in get her money back and shut up. Oh and also just because there is a skinny jillian on the front doesnt mean your going to look like obviously since she openly talks about how much she works out, doesnt eat proceceed food.. plus its not on there to say you can look like her its on there because she is indorcing it fat lazy people need to shut up and stop blaming everyone for them being fat. because they are fat on there own account.

posted Jun 5th, 2010 10:47 am


This is a crap diet

posted Feb 24th, 2010 11:55 am


What a damn shame that some people try to get free rides and money off anyone or anything. I bet you that she kept the same lifestyle that got her to the position where she needed the diet pills. Jillian has been at this for 20yrs with diet and exercise so I highly doubt she would promote a "magic" pill for weight loss. I hope Christie losses this case and see what else she would want to blame her lack of weight loss on...

posted Feb 23rd, 2010 12:20 pm


I have yet to see a promotion for these supplements that does NOT say that they should be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan.

posted Feb 17th, 2010 1:35 pm

Ron Estrada

When you're in business, you'll always have people looking for a free handout. It's a shame, but it's what we have to deal with. Jillian has been in inspiration to millions. I hope she retires (not soon) a billionaire.

posted Feb 17th, 2010 1:34 pm


I wonder if somewhere on the box or printed instructions it states something to the effect of, "This diet plan must be used in conjunction with a sensible meal and exercise plan."

Is it really a huge surprise the lazy way out is some magic pill that promises to cure all the ills of your life, while the customer still insists in following the destructive patterns that put them in their situation? I bet if questioned, Christie would find over fifty reasons why eating healthier and exercising is beyond her realm of solutions to successful weight loss. Unless Jillian personally and physically forced Christie to ingest the product, there was no 'duping'.

Another lawsuit to waste taxpayer money, court time, and give Christie more reason to eat and drink her way to gluttony.

posted Feb 15th, 2010 11:45 am


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