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11 Top Tips For Anti-Aging

Getting older is inevitable, but doing so with style is the way to go.  Being healthy is more than just being physically fit. I consider a healthy person as being mentally, physically, and spiritually fit. I understand that most of you are stressed out between the children, work, and other crazy issues, but you have to find time for yourself. Aging or balding, for you guys, comes as a natural occurrence, but being over-stressed is the main suspect to enhance or speed up the process. I have come up with a few tips to help keep you looking good and feeling good.


Top Tips For Anti-Aging

1. Exercise regularly (break a sweat)

2. Use sun block when outside for long periods of time

3. Avoid stressful situations

4. Get plenty of Sleep

5. Take time to indulge in something you enjoy

6. Find a profession/occupation that you enjoy

7. Choose a healthy diet

8. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs

9. Find something spiritual in your life (church, Bible, prayer)

10. Spend quality time with friends and family

11. Find time to just relax

You can also incorporate these 8 anti-aging foods into your diet to promote health and defy your age.

October 4th, 2008

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Mike Miller

These tips are helpful. I recently stumbled across some anti aging information that is wild. Yet it seems to be true. I have tried it, and my mind is clearer, my memory is improved, and my face wrinkles are disappearing. I am 70 years-old. This method is not expensive. Does anyone else have any information about this rejuvenation information? The website where I found out about this is

Briefly, it is a human longevity anti aging secret. They say that you can live longer, and stop aging by using this anti ageing life extension formula. Can you reverse aging? Even slow aging? This website says that you can. What makes this possible believable to me, is that these people are not trying to make a lot of money off their discovery. This information, they say, has been rediscovered by an Arizona cotton farmer. They also say that it is a rediscovery of the anti aging longevity secrets known by Moses in the bible. They also say that even the ancient Egyptians knew these secrets of longevity health, how to stay young, and how to live longer naturally. Is healthy aging possible so that you reverse the aging process? After my initial success I am tending to believe them.
Many just want to slow aging or to reverse aging. They say that they will show you how. Their anti aging formula is easy and inexpensive to try. They are not trying to get rich off me. So I tend to believe them. Any comments?

posted Feb 22nd, 2010 9:15 pm


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