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What is it?

RxGenesys is an anti-aging kit with 4 different products for cleansing moisturizing, and reducing the signs of wrinkles. It’s intended to be a comprehensive formula which can target all aspects of skin care.

They also claim that studies have shown improved elasticity and firmness of up to 42% in 8 weeks. They offer a 90 day supply which is specifically intended to be used with a particular routine.

Our review experts have rated many anti-aging products and in their search found Kremotex was the best overall. It contains natural ingredients shown to produce anti-aging benefits with only natural additives. Follow this link to learn more about the benefits of Kremotex.

RxGenesys Ingredients and Side Effects

Provided are some select ingredients found in the 4 piece kit:

Cocomidopropyl Betaine Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Extract Polygonum Aviculare Extract Hyuloronic Acid Camelia Sinensis Green Tea Extract
Panthenol Hydrocellulose Polysorbate 20 Phenoxyethanol Ethyglycerin
Hexylene Glycol Fragrance Sodium Chloride Caprylyl Glycol Palmaria Palmata Extract
Xanthan Gum Panthenol Dimethicone Glycerin Candelilla Rice Bran Polyglyceryl-3 Esters

 Cocomidopropyl Betaine: A blend of organic extracts from coconut oil and another ingredient called dimethylaminopropylamine.  It works by conditioning skin, controlling viscosity, and boosting the amount of foam it produced.

It currently has a 4 rating out of 9 according to the EWG.com, which helps track the safety of ingredients. They found it is:

“Suspected to be an environmental toxin”

 There is a potential concern that this can cause unwanted toxic effects.

 Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Extract: A kind of stem cell taken from adult cells. They are used in the field of regenerative science, in order to renew broken down skin.

When added topically it’ unknown whether this is actually effective. There is also safety issues related to the technology of this stem cell. So it’s unknown both whether it is truly safe and effective.

Not all stem cells have been proven to be beneficial when added topically.

Palmaria Palmata Extract: Extract found in a kind of algae. It is used to protect the skin.

Candelilla Rice Bran Polyglyceryl-3 Esters: Extract which is used to emulsify surrounding ingredients.

Dimethicone: Organic lubricant and conditioning ingredient. It has a rating of 3 out of 10 due to potential contamination concerns this may cause. The EWG.com has found:

“Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful”

This was found out by the Environment Canada Domestic Substance List. This is a potentially serious risk factor which may cause unwanted side effects in some. It also has shown the potential risk for being an environmental toxin.

Click the link here to learn about which anti-wrinkle formulas were favorited in the top 10.

RxGenesys Quality of Ingredients

There are some effective ingredients added to this, but its stem cell source has not yet been proven safe and effective. This regeneration of tissue is the most important part of a skin care cream, which the key thing is missing in this formula.

Certain creams do not have regenerating ingredients, but instead rely on moisturizers and superficial benefits.

Therefore, while this formula can help with moisturized skin as well as potentially aiding appearance, it likely won’t renew skin. There needs to be more support in an anti-wrinkle cream to decide it’s a potent and usable formula. Provided in this link is our experts list of the top 10 ranked anti-aging products.

The Price and Quality of RxGenesys

Here are the listed prices from the official website:

  • Premium beauty Kit: 90 day supply for $159.95.
  • Standard Beauty Kit: 90 day supply for $249.95.

They also offer a renewal program with reduced shipping and sales price, as well as in 3 installments instead of the usual one large payment. Auto shipment is a way for companies to lock people into month to month contracts.

The issue with this is that many shady companies online will continue to charge without first authorizing users. This can lead to sudden charged for unrequested product.

Overall, while there are some healthy ingredients added to this formula, not all of them have been shown to regenerate tissue. This will likely only moisturize and provide superficial changes to skin. Follow this link to see our experts list of the top ranked anti-aging formulas.

A problem some might find is that since you have to constantly reapply these formulas all day, this can be tedious and time consuming. There are certain formulas added in this which require you to apply them twice a day. Certain anti-wrinkle formulas can help provide results in just one single source, without the need for 4 separate kinds of products.

Business of RxGenesys

The official name of the company is RyGenesys, LLC and their contact information is:

Address: 175 SW 7th Street, Suite 2102

Miami, Florida 33130

Phone Number: (855) 792-3288

Email: info@rxgenesys.com

No complaints of bad customer service have been found online, but there’s also no other sourced of information on how they operate. All the details are provided solely from the official website. Our review experts have compiled a thorough list of the best anti-wrinkle solutions.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of RxGenesys

Here are select reviews found online:

“feels good when first applied but did not wash my face clean. I did not see any changes to wrinkles”

“not worth the money In my book”

“Pure marketing BS on this kind of stem cell”

“Quick and easy to use”

While there were some positive reviews, some noted how this did nothing at all. One user who says he is a biologist claimed that the kind of stem cells added to this cannot improve skin health.

Those that knew about what this kind of stem cell can really do found that it was just a marketing gimmick. Those that enjoyed this brand said they liked it because it hydrated their skin, left them feeling clean, and that it was easy to use and was not greasy or oily.  Overall, there weren’t any impressive results according to users.

Click the link cited here for our expert’s comprehensive list of the top ranked anti-aging formulas.

Conclusion – Does RxGenesys Work?

Whether or not RxGenesys can truly improve skin and get rid of wrinkles is unknown. They add a kind of stem cell which has yet to be proven safe and effective. This makes it impossible to truly decide if this would be a healthy formula. Customer opinions are also mixed with some failing to notice any benefits. Another issue is that there are certain additives in this which may cause irritation if one is not careful. The option of an auto renewal program is also questionable, due to the ability for automatic charges without first notifying the customer.

Our review experts have analyzed several anti-aging formulas and they concluded the best overall is Kremotex. It’s made up of a potent formula including natural apple stem cells, shea butter, and macadamia oils. These ingredients have been shown to boost overall skin health as well as regenerate broken down collagen.

This is why many users have left positive reviews and before and after photos to showcase their results. People were satisfied and said it was non greasy, easy to use, and promoted noticeable results. Click the link here to see more information about Kremotex.

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