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Ruby Converts Fear Into Motivation

Ruby was faced with an almost life and death situation that really made her think about her current weight issues. Ruby has been holding back with her trainer at the gym because she had been too scared to push herself during her workouts out of fear of hurting herself. One day, a terrible storm hits her area and house goes under a tornado warning. During this time Ruby puts her younger friends in the bathtub because that’s the safest place for anyone to be during a tornado, but due to Ruby’s large size she is forced to ride the storm out without any extra protection because she was forced to stay in her hallway.

This situation was a real “coming to” for Ruby. She realizes her fear of hurting herself during her workouts is actually preventing her from improving her health. After realizing that her large size could have caused her to die had the storm hit her house, Ruby was motivated to find the strength to work harder. I think this is great. Ruby took a very scary and negative situation and turned it into fuel for her desire to lose weight and become healthy. Remember that during your dieting journey you will be exposed to hard and negative situations in which all you will want to do is be upset or cry and want to give up, but think of how much stronger you will be if you switch it into a positive. Allow a negative situation to put that fire in your belly and make you more determined! Weight loss can be such a mind game, try to equip yourself as best as you can be staying positive and rolling with the punches or obstacles throw in your way!

December 11th, 2008

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Hi Ruby, I just want to say Thank You! Thank you for being an inspiration. I just finished watching your story tonight . You had your bedroom made over and it was hard for you to let go of some things especially the dresses you had in the closet. You said they were your friends! You did give them up , one more big step accomplished. I am proud of you. I cried with you, I also am going thru the same. I have been big all my life. My heaviest was 337 lbs I am 5'1'' and looked like a bowling ball. hahaha! I laugh now but I didn't even know how big I was getting and sick. I went to the dr and was told I had high blood pressure, and a heart condition known as artiral fibliration ,AFib after one year of medication and trying to lose weight by following Weight Watchers and just losing and gaining my doctor suggested the Lap gastric surgery . I was affraid! it was like he was saying if you don't do this last chance you will die. Well I had the surgery in Oct 2008 its been 10 mos and I have lost 93lbs . my weight today is 243. almost a loss of 100lbs. Even thou I have had the surgery it is still a struggle. Its a LIFE CHANGE that I to tell myself everyday all day long. this surgery is a Tool, I have to use it properly This tool is teaching me how to pay attention to my body , pay attention to what and how I eat the why I eat is a major problem with me that I have had the hardest time with. I am losing my weight slow compared to others that have had the surgery the same time as me. some look sick because the weight came off to fast. I have been sticken to what the doc says and am going at my pace. My emotions are changing just like with you. I dont know what kind of a person I will be . I dont want personality (myself) to change and I dont want or see myself like a toothpick. I want to be healthly. I want to stop taking the meds the doc has me on for blood pressure. I will always have this heart condition so I need to lose more to ease the pressure I am putting on my heart. But I do feel scared! I am scared ! I to was affraid to give up my big clothes and when my daughter in law took it upon herself to empty a shelf and closet space I was hurt, I felt like I was robbed. I didn't get to say good bye! Yes just clothes but it was a part of me. I have since gotten over that feeling but be prepared because that feeling of saying good bye to the old stuff (esp yourself) is going to come back when its time you face another big step forward. your going to have more to let go, and each time you let go I promise you it gets a little bit easier. You know what to expect , you know your feelings , if not go back and read what you said about yourself the last time you gave something up .Let it go. I think I can compare the feeling I have like for example when you say good bye to your best friend the one that really really knows all about you ! you hug and cry because you know that it will be a long time before you see each other again. So you hug and then you let go! and the feeling you get when you let go she or he takes with them and what you take from them and you hold onto that feeling til you see each other again. I felt that way about my clothes they were the only things I could get into everyday. so now that they are gone I have to replace that feeling and not by eating! but treating myself with new ones or it doesn't have to be clothes just to treat myself with something that I know will be special and to remind me of how far I have come and what I have accomplished. Just something other than food! like what your friend would say to you the next time you hug! It would be something Special !!
Thank you for your motivation . I will pray for you always for success in getting healthy. I will keep in touch.

posted Aug 3rd, 2009 3:40 am


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One Response to “Ruby Converts Fear Into Motivation”

Rose Arakawa
Dec 27th, 2008
6:37 pm


I just have to contact you and let you know that I am nearing two hundred mark and it’s because I cannot exercise period!

I have a spinal injury and am on morhpine meds daily and cannot exercise.

I wanted to tell you this because I want you to cherish the ability to be able to take a walk, let alone exercise in a gym.
If I were able to do that,,,,the endorphines would kick in and my metabolism would kick up and it would prevent me from gaining weight.
As it stands,, each year, I tend to gain about five pounds and I am only five feet four.

Praise God each day that you ARE able to exercise and I consider exercise as just walking.

YOU ARE a very blessed and lucky person.

They don’t even have the meal plans here where I live and I wish they did.
I”d love to live in beautiful Savannah, Everyone seems so nice and warm and friendly, esp. you!

Peace and strength of Christ be with you,