Online Nutrition Course Offers Training to Fight Childhood Obesity

The plight of childhood obesity is well-known. The cost to the young people afflicted and to society as a whole is immeasurable, which makes the idea of child nutrition-specific training for health professionals all the more poignant.

The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) offers an online, self-paced Kids Nutrition Specialist program. In some ways, nutritionists need to have special skills when it comes to children’s nutrition. Teaching kids their nutritional needs must be presented in a way that will engage their youthful minds, but is also appropriate for their special physiological needs. The health professional also needs to work with parents to make sure they approve of the methods.

The online program includes digital manuals, video lessons and an online exam. The only prerequisites to qualify for the program are a basic understanding of exercise and nutrition skills, and strong English skills. If you earn the certification, it qualifies you for continuing education credits (CEUs) for both the Spencer Institute and NESTA.

According to NESTA, most people complete the course in under a month, though you do have up to a year to complete it. Once you earn your certification, it will never expire. Registration is $349 at the NESTA website.

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